So, long time no post. Sorry. I got disenchanted with the blog after someone hacked it and I had to start over from scratch. Also, when I fucked my shoulder up at CrossFit. And also when I fucked my ancles up running. March was kind of a shitty month training wise so I wasn’t feeling very motivated to write here.  Anyway, I think I’ve grieved enough and am ready to get back on the blog!

I’ve decided to also start logging my workouts here because currently I log them all over the place and it’s getting confusing. Plus it will keep me more active and consistant on here. So here we go!


3 rounds:
10 second L-sit
10 overhead qquat (pvc)
10 push ups (knee)
5 strict pull ups (thin green band)

Strength Training

Press: [rehabilitating my shoulder injury]
3×5 45#

Deadlift: [Wendler Cycle – 190 Training Max]
145# (75%) x 5
165# (85%) x 3
185# (95%) x 1 (+2 additional) – This is exciting because 185 was my old 1 rep max!

Squats (from Wednesday): [Wendler Cycle – 170 Training Max]
130# (75%) x 5
145# (85%) x 3
160# (95%) x 8 on rep-out – PR!


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Kettle Bell Swings – 16kg
Sit Ups

Time: 4:22

This was a fun little WOD. I absolutely love KB Swings & Sit Ups so it was great!


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