WOD Log – 185# Squat PR!

Today at the box we tested our 1 rep maxes on the squat (always exciting!) Here’s my log.


Stretching & Hip openers

Warm Up

6 minutes
12 ring rows
8 jumping squats
12 push ups (knee – practicing the techniques David suggested last week, feels much more “correct” but much harder to do them neatly)
30 seconds hollow hold (this isn’t nearly as bad as it once was)


1-1-1-1-1 Low Bar Back Squats
Warm Up – 45# x 5, 95# x 4, 135# x 3, 160# x 2

Attempt 1 – 175#, Felt easy
Attempt 2 – 185#, Felt harder, but still not actually that bad.
Attempt 3 – 195#, Failed. As I went down Josh said I wasn’t low enough, and it really caught me off guard. I went to go lower and then couldn’t figure out how to get back up.
Attempt 4 – 195#, Failed. I lifted with my ass before my chest and then my back went flat.
Attempt 5 – 190#, Failed. Same as above. I should have had this weight, but I didn’t realize how to stand up correctly. This is the first time I’ve ever had a weight on my back that I couldn’t just pop up and it was a very eye opening experience as far as form and strategy goes. I am 100% confident I can do this weight next time I try. I just need to stay focused on nailing down a good technique.


100 Kettlebell swings in as few sets as possible.
I did 3 sets of 33reps at 16kg. Could have done it in 2 sets, I think. Next time I will try 60/40. It would have been tough today, especially after the heavy squats.

Fun class, very happy with my new PR on squats 🙂

Post work out meal

8oz chicken breast baked, 1 cup of raw kale saute’d, and a baked sweet potato.


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