Cheryl’s Global Soul


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I’m just reposting my write up on Cheryl’s Global Soul. Again, highly recommended!

In addition to being very paleo friendly, the food was REALLY good. We could eat almost everything on the menu with little or no alterations! Most of the dinner dishes are classically organized in the “meat and two sides” kind of way, so if you just replace the starchy side with something else… you’re golden.  The interior design and ambiance of Cheryl’s were also a selling point. It’s just lovely inside! I especially loved the swooping wood panels and low candle light — a very dramatic seating space. All in all, I was impressed with the ambiance, the menu, and the food quality, so I thought it deserved a quick write up. Below are a couple things from the dinner menu that could be fairly easily paleo-ified.

Menu Suggestions:

For Starters

$6.50 – House Salad Of Mixed Greens tomatoes, cucumber-orange vin

$8.50 – Salad Of Sun Dried Cranberry stilton, and baby arugula with port vin

$8.50 – Thai Coconut Curry Mussels

$7.50 – Grilled Jerked Chicken Wings

$15 – Chefs Cheese Board 3 artisanal cheese selections fruit, nuts, and guava paste


$22 – Bulgogi Marinated Rib – Eye Steak Watercress And Sesame Salad with hand cut fries (This is what Jeff got, just asked for no fries)

$18 – Grilled Pork Chop with mango chutney, french beans and roasted yukons

$15 – Tamarind Roasted Half Chicken (this is what Debbie got, it was very good!)

$18 – Creole BBQ Jumbo Shrimp mashed potato and wilted greens (this is what I got… I just went for the mashed potatoes, but I’m quite certain they would have happily done a side salad instead if I had asked)

$18 – Sake Glazed Salmon steamed jasmine rice, seasonal veggies and nori (Ask for no rice)


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