WOD Log (3 days of back off week)


5 attempts at: 1 high hang power clean & 1 high hang power squat clean 

Attempt 1: 75# easy
Attempt 2: 85# not to easy, in fact very hard – form sucked.
Attempt 3: 85# Hard to get this weight with the high hang position
Attempt 4: 75# to adjust  to high hang position. Much better!
Attempt 5: 75# 🙂 Felt good and clean and quick.

Always fun! I could clean every day and be happy about it!


25 minutes not for rounds:

3 wall walk ups (these kinda sucked)
6 swing throughs – very proud of myself for not having to scale these. Easier than expected.
12 “hug-a-twinkies” – wtf kind of a name is this? This was WAY to easy, I felt like I needed a scale up option. Maybe food weights next time 😉
24 Hallow holds – always challenging, broke them up into  two sets


5 attempts at a heavy double on Box Squats:

Attempt 1: 130#
Attempt 2: 135#
Attempt 3: 140#
Attempt 4: 140#
Attempt 5: 140# 🙂 I just love squats. These were fun & challenging.

100 banded good mornings – medium green band, super easy, next time use a thicker band maybe…
2 sets of 15 Palloff Press – these are always tricky.

I’m currently posting this from the my layover in Denver Colorado! Super super super super excited to do my next WOD in Seattle with my sister-in-law 🙂 Can’t wait to get out of airplanes and airports!!!


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