Box Squats

12×2 @50% of 1RM
These felt SOOOOO light — not nearly as fun heavy weights, but good practice anyway. Good to focus on good form and speed.


3 Rounds For Time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings – 16kg
12 Pull-Ups – Sub Ring Rows

10:30 (down from 13:45!!!)


Front Squat Heavy Tripple

I worked up to 140# — PR!
I’m happy to be training these heavy, as they are definitely something I could use some work on. My wrists were not happy about doing these, but I’m sure in a couple weeks they will be better adjusted. Thanks Nick for showing me some mobility options for adjusting my rack position.


3 rounds
50DU (I subbed 100 singles)
10 Dead Lifts at 135#
GREAT WOD! I loved it. Deadlifts were hard but manageable. Maybe next time we have deadlifts in a WOD I will go up in weight a bit. I am also thinking about getting more serious about training my Double Unders, but I might wait until after I get pull-ups down.

Then, after class, was the first A-day of my ‘Pull-up own-age routine’ – which I realized after I left, I didn’t actually finish. I forgot the bench presses. Next time I will add them in. Even without them though, the superset of pull-ups and curls was STUPIDLY hard. I used the fat green band which I can barely do 12 pull ups with (hopefully this will change quickly). And I used 12.5# db for the curls. I started with 15# but couldn’t finish and my arms were ON FIRE. Doing this made me realize just how much I need to be doing it. Happy I started. Hopefully I will be rocking some proud pull ups sometime in the near future 🙂


Push Press Heavy Tripple

I worked up to 78# — PR!
I attempted 80#, but failed on the 3rd. Anyway, happy to be working on these and for them to not be painful. Lots of fun.

Active Recovery

❤ So gooooooood 🙂


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