Jubilat Provisions

So, Jeff’s lifting coach recommended that we check out Jubilat Provisions a couple weeks ago. WHOAHHHHH!!!!! What a heavenly world of polish sausages!


You should all go check this place out, it’s about as authentic as Polish Deli’s come, and you can get a LOT of meat, for not a lot of money. We bought the most delicious pork belly, some smoked salmon, 3 different giant smoked kielbasas (I’d recommend the spicy), and a loaf of rye bread (for Jeff, not for me) for not much over $20. PRETTY GOOD!

If you’re all against processed meats (and you very well may be if you’re reading this blog) you might not love this place… but since I am pretty lax about that sort of thing I was very happy with the food I got. I just love sausages so much 🙂



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