Weekly WOD Log

I’ve decided to start logging my WODs with one big post every week, here’s this weeks!


I don’t think I are enough dinner Sunday night — I felt sluggish all morning.

Strength — Snatches

Perform the following complex for 5 total sets:
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Snatch Balance
1 Hang Squat Snatch

Worked up to 60# but then went back to 55#.

Eh, Snatches….. they are so pretty when done well, and I want to be good at them SO BADLY, but this is just not the case, yet. Today’s snatches made me so incredibly angry as I attempted to get past my 55# comfort zone, and continually sucked at them. I can do some BEAUTIFUL snatches at any weight below 55#, but then once I try to go up in weight, my form turns to shit, my shoulder starts feeling icky, and my knees/hips absolutely refuse to squat. It’s very frustrating. In light of this frustration, I am really happy we have added snatches into our regular programing. I was hoping to get up to 70# today (current PR is 65#) but I didn’t even feel comfortable going up to 60# this morning, as things were getting way to wobbly on the way down into my squat. Anyway, I hung out around 55# today, and worked on keeping things clean. The best snatch I did was my last attempt when I said “Ugh, stop getting frustrated with these, Lana. Don’t think about it, just snatch it”. I’ve found that sometimes turning your brain off for the Oly lifts is the only way to do them well. Anyway, that one was great and I’m going to keep this in mind as I continue working these through the next few weeks.


Partner Workout:
200 Wall Ball Shots for time — 10# ball

Wallballs were fun, I probably should have done a 14# ball since I was winded but my muscles were barely fatigued with the 10# ball.

Pull Ups

1 negative on the minute for 10 minutes
First ‘B’ day of pull-up training went well.


Strength – Speed Box Squats

12 sets of 2 at 100#

Fun! WOD partner, Kristen, and I are ready for our jobs with Nascar now I think – getting fast at switching plates! I was working on not arching my neck like a maniac when I come up from my squat today since it is apparently a problem.


5 Rounds for Time:
14 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, 7 each side — 20#DBs
50m Sprint

6:11 — This was super duper fun. I loved it.

50 Banded Good Mornings:

75 banded good mornings with the green band + a thin red band. These are stupidly easy for me. I added another band today because I remember doing 100 being easy a few weeks ago. Even with the extra band, I still felt like I did them so quickly I should do an extra 25. I think I will go up to the thick green band next time we do them. Maybe I have giant hamstrings or something…. who knows.

Pull Ups

3 x 12 thick green band

3 x 12 supersets Bicep curls & Bench Press

Pull-up routine ‘A’ – great. Better than last week. But still pretty miserable. My arms have been KILLING ME this week — Monday’s negatives put my arms out of commission for the past few days. Hopefully my biceps will start getting used to all this attention soon.


7am with Nick was most excellent (as usual).

I’m loving the new standardized warmups for some reason. I’d like to say I am VERY proud of myself for finally getting past modified push ups. I decided to just NOT DO THEM anymore, and so far so good! I can only do about 5 in the warmup at a time, but I’m doing them, and they are getting easier. So that’s good.

Strength – Push Press

Worked up to an 80# tripple. PR!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing my push-presses with Jess Fox, she was really helpful in giving me some tips along the way and helped me to set a new PushPress PR! Last week I failed on 80#x3, this week I got it 🙂


For Time:
Row 500m
40 KB Swings 24kg/16kg
30 Pull-Ups  (Sub 15 Banded – Fat Green Band)
20 Thrusters 95/65
10 Burpees

Major exciting achievement in the WOD today… I did the everything Rx (other than pull ups)! This includes the barbell weight, which I have never done before. Of course I can’t write Rx next to my name still because I don’t have pull ups yet, but I’m working on it. Either way, this was probably the hardest I’ve pushed myself on a WOD in a while, and it felt wonderful. I finished at 10:49 completely drenched in sweat and wanting to cry. It was great. Thrusters were seriously fucking hard, but I was proud of myself for getting through them.

Pull Ups

Did my pull up training day ‘B’ today and it was good. Hopefully I won’t be quite as sore from the negatives this week. I can see my biceps getting bigger from this routine and it’s awesome.


Strength – Front Squats

Worked up to a 145# Tripple


50,40,30,20,10 – Double Unders & Sit Ups



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