Weekly WOD Log

I’ve decided to start logging my WODs with one big post every week, here’s this weeks!


I don’t think I are enough dinner Sunday night — I felt sluggish all morning.

Strength — Cleans

Perform 1 heavy clean on the minute for 12 minutes

Worked up to 88# 

These felt really great, except that my fucking shoulder is back to being a pain in my ass. It was like the second I would let go of the bar after my lift I just felt a wash of pain go through my shoulders. ::sigh:: not sure what I’m supposed to do about that.


In as few sets as possible:
75 Kettlebell Swings – 16kg
50 Hollow-Rocks

Holy hollow-rocks! Abs burning! I broke these up into 40KB-25HR and then 35KB-25HR.

We also practiced sitting box jumps today, which was fun. I mustered up the courage to do a 20″ jump. Not as bad as I had feared. I didn’t break all my teeth…. so that’s good 😉

Pull Ups

3 x 12 Thick Green Band
3 x  12 supersets, Bicep Curls/Dumbbell Bench Press

Much much much easier than last week.


Strength – Speed Box Squats

10 sets of 2 at 110#


3 Rounds for Time:
270m run
55# front squats (subbed in for 45# thrusters because of shoulder issues)
16kg KB swings

9:25 – Running in the rain is awesomely fun during a WOD. SO REFRESHING!

Didn’t do my pull up routine because my shoulder was really sore and I didn’t imagine the negatives would be good for it.

Taking a Break from CrossFit 😦

I’ve decided I’m going to finish up this week’s Front Squats and Active Recovery and then take some time off from the box to fully get my shoulder healed and back to normal. Im not really happy about it, but I think it’s the best thing I can do at the moment. ::pout::

I’d like to spend a couple weeks resting/icing and then a couple weeks focusing hard on my form and what I’m doing to continually hurt my shoulder. I’ll probably work with a coach on this.

Typically, as one part of my mind deactivates another usually activates – So, get ready for a lot more recipes as I am forced to stay away from the gym.


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