Women’s Lifting Workshop

Hi All! I’ll be coaching this lifting workshop at South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club. If you are looking to get strong, set some new PRs and explore your awesomeness as a female lifter sign up!

Sick of being the only woman in the weight room? Want to get in shape but dread the thought of spending hours on a treadmill? Looking for a more supportive and social workout environment? Or maybe, just hoping to grow a super nice ass? Come join us at South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club for a four week lifting workshop designed specifically for the ladies.

During this four week workshop you will learn and practice barbell weightlifting in a supportive and empowering semi-private training environment. Over the course of the workshop, you will learn to: Squat, Press, Dead Lift, Bench Press, Power Clean and Power Snatch. You will work directly with a coach on perfecting your form, increasing your strength, and becoming completely comfortable under the barbell. In addition to learning to lift properly, this workshop includes high intensity conditioning and open discussions about food, nutrition, and diet.

This workshop is limited to six students, providing each lifter with ample time, space, and coaching attention. Women of all experience levels are encouraged to sign up — whether you are completely new to barbell training, or an experienced lifter looking to refine your form and train within a group of like-minded women.

Max # of people: 6

Class Duration: 2 days a week, for 4 weeks (8 sessions)

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursdays in September 9:30 – 10:45am

Price: $400

Sign Up Here!


4 thoughts on “Women’s Lifting Workshop

  1. I’m interested in taking this workshop. What are your credentials? And where did you receive your coaching certification?

    • I have trained to coach both Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting at SBWC with Coach Paulie Steinman, (a certified Starting Strength coach, and a USAW certified club-level Olympic weightlifting coach). I will be taking the Starting Strength Seminar with Mark Rippitoe this September and expect to get my SS Certificate after completing the seminar. Personally, I am a competitive powerlifter and have been lifting for the past five years of my life (4 years of powerlifting and weight training in Philadelphia, 1 year of CrossFitting in Brooklyn).

      Please feel free to drop Paulie an email if you have any questions about the gym [paulie(at)southbrooklynwc.com]

    • No Jessica, I don’t have my Starting Strength certification yet. However, Paulie will be supervising the workshop, so there will always be a certified coach available to help and answer questions if that makes you feel more comfortable.

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