Dyou even (eat) paleo?

Apparently not.

Tacos’s from Guerro’s, not fucking paleo, but fucking delicious either way #worstpaleobloggerever

I am totally slacking on eating clean this week and it kinda sucks … My husband is out of town, my house is a mess, my dog is fucking crazy, and the project I’m on at work is taking soooooooo much time & energy…. being a good eater/lifter is definitely suffering. I could make more excuses, but no one really reads this blog anyway and I don’t really give a fuck. This is training right? This is what it’s all about — having bad days and picking yourself up again afterward. Maybe soon I’ll learn how to manage them better from the get go.

Not only did I not eat clean, but I missed the gym. Going to go tomorrow AM to make it up. Going to go to bed RIGHT NOW, to make sure that happens.


2 scoops whey (If I don’t have time to cook…. )
1 coffee with cream

6oz burger with bbq sauce, Pickle. Lettuce, and an egg. No bun.
Coffee w/ cream.

3 fried shrimp tacos & a large margarita. (somehow after 3 days of late nights at work, margaritas seem more tangible than the gym…)

Bedtime: (because I know I didn’t eat enough food or protein today)
2 scoops whey.

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