…but I barely even got started! ::pout::

Today was the first day back to my Texas Method routine after a week off for vacation, and within my first set of squats something ‘not good’ happened to my lower back  (first set, 4th rep, 185#), When I stood up from the squat I felt some minor pain in my mid/lower back and immediately thought “Well, that doesn’t feel right!” so I racked it. I rolled out on the rumble roller for a minute, stretched, walked around the gym, etc. but eventually decided to pack it up and go home because the pain wasn’t getting any better.

When I got home from the gym, I laid down in my bed for about an hour. Eventually I got up, took a handful of Ibuprofen and decided to suck it up and get my ass to work… but the throbbing pain just kinda worsened durring my commute. Walking to the office from the subway totally blew — Every wiggle of my hips was shooting pain through my spine. I got into the office, sad down at my desk, turned on my computer, and after about 30 minutes decided to go back home. Now I’m home, and I’m annoyed, and this sucks. Nothing hurts too bad when Im laying down, but it seems to just be getting worse and worse every time I try to do anything that involves moving. Getting up, walking & moving my spine in any direction are particularly sucky.

It really didn’t seem that bad at first but now I’m kinda worried that maybe I herniated a disc or something stupid (though, honestly I have no idea what that would feel like and maybe this is just what a minor sprain feels like). I’ve never actually injured myself lifting, so I’m not sure what to expect here.

::Sigh:: this is now how I wanted my week to start.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tomato
  • olive oil
  • green onions
  • 32 oz water


  • Leftover bangers & mash
    • 1 sausage
    • 1 cup mashed cauliflower
    • onion gravy
  • 32 oz water


  • Same as lunch


  • 1 pink chicken korma (no rice, no naan)
  • 2 ribs made by my amazing husband
  • 32 oz water

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