A hurt back is the worst thing ever

Blehhhh…. my back is still all fucked up from yesterday’s catastrophic squat session. I am half convinced that I’ve literally broken my back and for some magical reason things are still working alright (albeit painfully), but any second now, my whole top half is just going to fall off of my bottom half. I’ll fall to the floor of my office…. and I’ll be dead. (I’m reading a book about a girl who died and went to hell, so I have a very active imagination about all things involving death at the moment). Anyway, dramatic imaginary stories aside, I’ve got myself a doctors appointment for Thursday morning, so hopefully I can survive until then and then he will just dig his finger into my spine and cure me of this pain.

The good news is, I’m feeling a bit better today than yesterday — especially better after watching this video about relieving pain in your SI Joint (which was suggested to me by someone on Ask.Metafilter). After doing the motion where you squeeze your knees together, something popped in my back/hip  and I started feeling better. I know popping your spine when you getin a really painful lifting injury may be stupid, but whatever, that shit worked!

In spite of this drama, I’m not giving up on my weight loss plans. Now, however, my diet is really important because I can’t exactly exercise. Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping have been very good the past 3 days and I intend on keeping it that way.

3/26/13 – Day 3 “Weight Loss with a Fucked Up Back”

Morning Weight: 156.6# (much much better than the 163.5 from the other day!)
Sleep: 9 hours


  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 thick slices of bacon
  • 32 oz water


  • 2 cups salad
    • spring mix & tomatoes
    • 3oz smoked salmon
    • Oil & Vinegar
  • 1/2 a bowl of chicken & portabella soup (this was totally chicken chilli and it had beans in it so I didn’t finish it for fear of fucking up my dreams of stressful Ketosis)
  • 32oz water

Dinner – takeout from Maya Taqueria:

My husband ordered me this because I had to work late tonight — OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING! It definitely had some cream/butter in the sauce, but it was retardedly good. Without eating the rice and tortillas that come on the side, it was a perfectly good paleo take-out option for me. 

  • 5 large shrimp
  • 1 chicken breast
  • some sort of mushroom & onion sauce
  • tiny ramekin guacamole & sour cream
  • 32 oz water

2 thoughts on “A hurt back is the worst thing ever

  1. I had a similar thing happen during a squat. I could feel it in my leftish lower back after a heavy squat. I thought I slipped a disc also but obv didn’t. My chiropractor released my SI joint and a locked hip.

    Until I got to him though, ice and gentle stretching. Nothing too aggressive!

    • Good to hear it was quick and not a huge deal for you. I’m hoping this is a simple adjustment type thing… Fingers Crossed!

      Ice, stretching, and ibuprofen … all day erry day.

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