Catfish in Crown Heights

OH MY GOD! How about this friggin weather, Brooklyn? ❤ ❤ ❤ I am in Loooooooove with this sunshine 🙂

In personal news, my back is still hurting, but I’m not gonna mope around about it too much. Time to get back to being a normal person and not just lurking around like some kinda creepy old hunchbacked woman. My posture is almost back to normal, I just died my hair a nicer brighter shade of red, and I’m traveling to Philadelphia this weekend to see asee a lot of awesome people this weekend. Hopefully I will have a good Philadelphia Restaurant review for you guys. Also… seriously awesome… I got out of work a little early today! THEN, I had an amazing date with my amazing husband at an amazing new restaurant in my neighborhood. YUSSSSSSSS!

Catfish – Authentic Cajun in Crown Heights

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 9.49.08 PMI’m not sure how long this place has been open but I get the sense it’s pretty new to the neighborhood (mostly because I like to consider myself “in the know” in the 3 blocks immediately surrounding my apartment). Either way, this place was SUPER CUTE and from what I can tell (not being from the south, so perhaps not really allowed to judge) it is very authentic in its Louisiana Cajun awesomeness. Also, Catfish is rocking a very hip Brooklyn interior and an abundance of super chic tattoo’d up hipsters. More my scene than I’d like to admit, but a nice Friday night all around.

I can’t say there was really that many options in the way of the paleo diet (most stuff was served with rice or cornbread) but I personally believe you can make a paleo diet work anywhere, and I totally made it work here. I went against my normal ‘substitute everything’ habit and ordered directly off the menu today. I went for the raw oysters and poached shrimp appetizers in addition to a small side salad. I left very happy with my choices. The oysters and shrimp were REALLY good!  Jeff got some really amazing looking corn bread and gumbo and if I had been in the mood to cheat today …. lord have mercy I would have been in gluten free heaven here! Anyway, I’ll almost definitely go back to this place, if not for the delicious oysters, for the great vibe and the awesome whiskey list 😉

Also, they have a back yard, which I didn’t enjoy today, but I plan to in the future.

3/29/13 – Food Log

Morning Weight: 155.6#
Sleep: 8 hours


  • 2 eggs in bacon fat
  • Coffee with cream
  • 32 oz water

Lunch at Archway Cafe in DUMBO:

This salad was off the fucking chain!! I definitely have a new DUMBO favorite 🙂 One day I’m going to write a post specifically for this place since I have been going here a lot. But, I am too lazy today… 

  • Salad with:
    • Pesto Chicken
    • Spring Mix
    • tomatoes
    • cucumbers
    • roasted red peppers
    • Olive oil & vinegar
  • 32 oz water

Dinner at Catfish:

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 9.49.22 PM

  • 6 large poached shrimp with cajun mayo & cocktail sauce
  • 6 fresh raw oysters with horseradish & cocktail sauce
  • Small Side Salad
  • 1 glass red wine


  • 2 eggs
  • Fancy Japanese Whiskey (Enjoy a nice Friday night with my husband, I feel like I can since I lost 8 pounds in the past week  ::ahem::probably all water::ahem:: whatever… )

P.S. You should all download this CD. It’s currently blowing my fucking mind!!! WHAT THE FUCK BLUEGRASS METALICA!?!?!

Have a good weekend ya’ll!!


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