2 week, weightloss update

OK, so, two weeks ago I declared that I was  “Losing 15 pounds. Seriously”. The day I wrote that, I weighed 158#, then, I blew up to 163# the day after (for my period), so really, I needed to lose closer to 20 pounds to hit my goal of 145#. After two weeks of being very serious about this however, I weighed in this morning at 151.2# Which is pretty damn exciting because I haven’t weighed this little since early last summer! I realize a lot of it is probably water (first 5# of period bloat, then 5# of carb bloat) but considering that I weighed nearly 170# this past fall (probably more when menstruating), I am pretty happy to be where I am and I definitely consider it progress! Really interested to see how the next two weeks goes.


I took progress photos, but they look so friggin similar to the photos from two weeks ago that I think I’m going to hold off a few more weeks (or months) before posting anything… I don’t really like posting pictures of myself on the internet, so I’m going to avoid it until I feel like it’s “worth it”. My face and thighs look much thinner, the rest of me…. nothing dramatic. So yeah, until then, all you nosey internet people get to see is a low quality picture of that bar graph… and some quantifiable numeric information! Enjoy 😉

Starting Stats:

March 24, 2013
Morning Weight: 163# (Day 1 of my period)
Waist – 33″ at belly button
Hips – 42″ at largest
Right Thigh – 26.5″ at largest

Current Stats

April 7, 2013
Morning Weight: 151.2# (12 pounds lost)
Waist – 32″ at belly button (1″ loss)
Hips – 41″ at largest (1″ loss)
Right Thigh – 25″ at largest (1.5″ loss… clearly, I store my extra weight in my thighs)

It’s always so much fun in the beginning, but I expect the next two weeks won’t be nearly as dramatic.

Notes on “The Plan”:

Keep my carbs lower – I am going to do this even post-lifting. If I want to lose weight, I just need to cut the potatoes, plantains and sweet potatoes out of my life. This has been key for me in the past, and I assume it still is.  (also, I need to cut the damn tacos out of my life)

This has been working out great! After the first few days of cravings went away, I haven’t missed the carbs at all.

Honestly however, I think not being able to lift due to the back injury I suffered has actually made this significantly easier. (I always crave carbs after lifting… probably because I need them)

Keep my calories lower – I don’t have a specific daily number but I know what I usually eat (because I write it down every fucking day) and I am going to simply ‘eat a little bit less’. Nothing too complicated here — 2 eggs instead of 3. 6oz of chicken instead of 8. Skip the bacon. Etc.

  • Watch the avocados
  • Watch the heavy cream
  • Watch the nuts
  • Watch the booze LANA! This mean’s pretty fucking close to none.

Also going well! Cutting calories has been significantly easier than I expected. I think going low carb has helped a lot with curbing cravings and feeling hungry — I am rarely hungry anymore.  

I have probably had more drinks than I should have but I will try to tackle that more over the upcoming weeks. Going to visit long time friends I haven’t seen in months always makes giving up cocktails harder. Also, it’s getting nice outside and I just love drinking in the summer. I will work harder on that for the upcoming two weeks. 

Make sure I get enough protein – This is important, because I’m trying to lose fat not muscle. I am going to shoot for 120-140 grams of protein a day (more on lifting days) — That should pan out to around 2 large eggs at breakfast (15g), 6ox chicken at lunch (40g), 8 oz meat at dinner (60g), and 1 protein shake (50g).

Hmmmmm, this could probably stand to get a little bit more attention. I have been getting probably 100g of protein a day easily, but haven’t had any extra shakes or anything. Honestly I am OK with this since I can’t lift currently, but next week when I start moving around again, I will need to up my protein a little. 

No Mo Cheese – Cheese is my favorite slip up (other than whiskey), but I will cut that shit out until I get my weight where I want it.

Only a tiny bit of accidental cheese has been consumed over the past two weeks. YAY!

Get to bed on time – I have been kinda shitty with getting 8 hours of sleep lately and I need to start being more careful about this. I am going to try to be in bed by 10pm on pre-lifting nights and 12pm on not lifting nights.

I have been working very hard on this and have averaged 8 or more hours a night easily. I think not waking up for the gym at 6am every morning has been making this easier. Probably will get more challenging when I get back to my lifting schedule. 

Drink more water – I used to be the queen of slurping down 130 oz of water every day, but lately I’ve been slacking big time. I think because I stopped carrying my Nalgene bottle around with me everywhere. I am going to start doing this again. Four 32oz bottles every day from here on out – Bring it!

Hahaha oh man… This has been HARD! But I have been doing it, every day, without fail!! I think this has helped me push past 155# (where I have been stuck for months) 

Keep Lifting – I will keep doing my normal 3 days of Texas Method a week, for as long as that keeps working. I understand it will get harder if I am not eating as much. If it slows dramatically, I will reassess (though this probably just means switching to threes instead of fives… or perhaps something with more hypertrophy just for shits and giggles)

Well, I tore a disc the day after writing this, so lifting has been on hold. Hopefully starting yoga and getting back to lifting over the next couple weeks. 

Incorporate some conditioning – likely this will be in the form of one or two CrossFit WODs a week. Likely I will do this directly after my Volume and Intensity lifting sessions (though, perhaps the next day, or the evening after). I’m not sure how this will work but we’ll see how it goes. I will probably have to play around with how I fit this into my week as I’m really not sure yet.

Nope. I will work on doing this once I get myself back to being a functional lifter again. But until then I gotta keep my priorities straight. 

Document – I’m going to take my weight every morning and post a picture of the bar graph every Sunday. I’m also going to post progress photos and measurements every two weeks (on Sundays). I will update this post tomorrow with starting photos and measurements.

I have been taking my weight every morning, and graphing it. I have also taken my progress photos. But the “posting” will be less frequent than I initially thought — Perhaps, bar graph every two weeks and progress photos every 4 weeks. I think that sounds better. 


3 thoughts on “2 week, weightloss update

  1. You sound like you have a really good plan. I lost 40 pounds on a PSMF type of protocol, and while it’s a metabolism-crasher if you go too long, it’s pretty effective. Like Robb Wolf says, “lead with protein”. Protein protein protein. Also sometimes on plateaus you will randomly hold on to water which will suddenly and without warning just go away on their own.

    And do progress pictures too because the scale can be a dirty lying dickface. Even if it has a %BF measurement feature, it might not be accurate. Same angle, same clothes (if using clothes), same everything.

    Blah blah blah. Don’t mean to sound preachy and you probably know all of this already. In any case, best of luck! I know you’re gonna do great!

    • Thanks 🙂 So far so good!! The dramatic drop in weight has slowed, but that’s normal, I can’t expect 12# every two weeks haha. I’m working on keeping the protein high, though it’s hard when I’m not eating as much.

      Progress pictures are happening, they just aren’t going on the internet until I have deemed them “worthy”

      Thanks for the well wishes!!

      • Yeah, that first blast of water weight is encouraging but then it peters out. Kind of a bummer.

        Not to be “that guy,” but I actually just capped my three years of weight loss by having 20 pounds of “leftovers” cut out of my midsection. No amount of dieting could get rid of that extra skin. So, hey, I mean… could be worse!

        Keep after it, you’re doin’ great!

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