Back Under the Bar!

Today was the first day back under the bar ūüôā I was pretty excited to get back to the gym, though I was also kinda sad because I need to start from scratch to strengthen up the areas around my injury. I find this to be incredibly frustrating… If I didn’t love lifting so much, I would probably just quit at this point. But… I love it and if I ever want to lift heavy again, I need to lift light right now. ¬†So here I am… and here’s my new routine focusing on getting my strength back up and fixing some of my imbalances.


Yoga style stretching routine¬†—¬†Since my doctor flat out told me that this disc injury occured because of my poor hip/glute/hamstring mobility and my weak abs, I have incorporated some of the stretches I learned over the past week in Yoga to my lifting routine.

2 rounds¬†—¬†The doctor also told me I need to warm up more.

  • 10 GHD back extensions
  • 10GHD Sit Ups
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups
Post Injury Lifting РDay 1: 

Today my goal was to just get under the bar, explore my range of motion and look around for what felt good and wasn’t¬†aggravating¬†my back. Once I found a weight that felt like a bit of work on my back, I stayed there and did a 3 sets of 5. From here, I plan to do a linear progression — Hopefully this will get me back up to where I was without causing any more problems for my injured back.

3×5 Squat @ 45#¬†—¬†I have a lot of work to do on my squat. Doing just the bar without hyperextending my back was extremely hard. My glutes were on fire!¬†This was disapointing because I really hoped to just come back like it aint no thang. Apparently I have some work to do ahead of me.

3×5 Bench @ 75#¬†I¬†didn’t¬†arch my back as much as usual here. I felt more wabbly, but my back wasn’t sore afterward so I’m going to continue to practice a less extreme arch on the bench.

3×5 Press @ 45#¬†switching from Rip’s olympic style hip drive press to a very strict military press because I hyperextend my back way too much with the olympic press.

3×5 Deadlift – ascending¬†sets 65#, 95#, 115#¬†These never hurt my back, but I want to just reset these and work up here as well. I am worried that I will¬†aggravate¬†it if I push too hard.

3×5 Front Squat @ 45#¬†I felt like… why not. Might as well get my quads stronger since they are disproportionately weak compared to my hamstrings.

Accessory Work:

2×10 reverse hyperextensions¬† (AKA Hug-a-twinkie) – these were great and I think will help with the rehab immensely.

Planks Р2 holds for 60 seconds. Then one with running knees for 30 seconds. BRUTAL!

Pre-lifting Stretching Routine

Down Dog
hamstrings, calves, ankles & shoulders


Forward Fold
hamstrings, calves

Warrior 1
Hip Flexors, Quads, Abs, Shoulders, Ankles

Warrior 1, drop knee
Hip Flexors, Quads, Abs, Shoulders

Grab Ankle
Hip Flexors, Quads

Pigeon Pose
Hips, Hip Flexors, Quads, Glutes

Forward Fold, Wide Stance
Hamstrings, AB-Ductors

Abductors, Glutes, Hips.


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