Fine, I’ll log my damn food…

I’ve been feeling really bored of food logging lately, and I got home from work late last night … so I’m playing catchup right now. Sometimes I hate that I keep my log public because I feel like I have to like “write a story” and include pictures every time I post. I know I don’t need to do that, but people read this blog and they deserve more than just a list of food. Whatever, I am pushing past my annoyance with documenting my “2 eggs” every day of my life and I’m gonna just keep on logging!

I’ve was slightly less strict with my diet yesterday and today because I am feeling a little stressed out about 1.) work, and 2.) constantly thinking about losing weight. Since, I’m not trying to give myself an eating disorder by overly contemplating food, I decided to indulge a bit. Nothing too dramatic, a couple glasses of wine and some cheese. All-in-all… not bad at all really. Anyway, I will be back to my normal ‘creepy levels of self control’ self by tomorrow I’m sure.

In other news – I am down to the 4th hole on my lifting belt! For comparisons, the picture above was taken last summer (2nd hole), and by September I was toying with the idea of buying a larger belt because I was on the last belt hole. So yeah, that’s at least 3 inches off my waist since fall! AND I weighed in at 150.6# today! Which is technically 5#’s more than when I was CrossFitting, but I wasn’t as strong/muscular then as I am now.  I think this is the lowest my body fat has been sine (dare I say) highschool. Really exciting!

So yeah, as annoyed with dieting as I was last night and today, I’m glad to see it is working.

Also, my husbad started losing weight with me. I’m proud of him and excited to see how he does 🙂

4/12/13 – backlogging

Morning Weight: 152#
Sleep: 8 Hours


  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup broccoli 
  • 32 oz water
  • Coffee with cream


  • 6oz roasted chicken (the one we made the stock with) 
  • 2 cups broccoli
  • 32 oz water
  • Coffee with cream

Dinner (at the office… worked WAY too late):

  • Tri-color sashimi
  • 2 pieces mackerel sashimi
  • 2 glasses white wine.
  • 32 oz water

Snack once I got home:

  • Cashews & Pistachios 
  • 3 slices of bacon

Morning Weight: 150.6# (woo! A new low!)
Sleep: 9 Hours


  • 2 eggs
  • 4 breakfast sausages
  • 32 oz water
  • Coffee with cream

Post-Lifting Lunch: 


  • 3 oz smoked mozzarella (totally fell for the fancy cheese trap …. I regret nothing! NOTHING!)
  • 10 olives
  • a bite of a pickle
  • 1 tbsp almond butter


  • 6oz Dry-aged steak 🙂 MMmmmmmMmmm
  • Salad

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