4 Week, Weight Loss Update

OK, so here we are again! 2 more weeks have past since I declared that I am losing 15 pounds (which turned out to be more like 20) Anyway, I started at 163#, I currently weigh about 153#, and I am aiming for 145.

Progress Pics:

1304214 weeks progress pics:
I think I look leaner… but it might just be better lighting and my sexy bikini 😉 

Old Stats:

March 24, 2013
Morning Weight: 163# (Day 1 of my period)
Waist – 33″ at belly button
Hips – 42″ at largest
Right Thigh – 26.5″ at largest

April 7, 2013
Morning Weight: 151.2# (12 pounds lost)
Waist – 32″ at belly button (1″ loss)
Hips – 41″ at largest (1″ loss)
Right Thigh – 25″ at largest (1.5″ loss… clearly, I store my extra weight in my thighs)

Current Stats:

April 21, 2013
Morning Weight: 153# (10 pounds lost total — 2 pounds up since last status update)
Waist – 31.5″ at belly button (1.5″ loss total – .5″ since last check in)
Hips – 41″ at largest (1″ loss total – nothing new)
Right Thigh – 25″ at largest (1.5″ loss total – nothing new)

Scale Victories vs. Non-Scale Victories


As expected the insane drop in weight from the beginning has slowed… a LOT. In fact, I kinda just went up 5 pounds and then lost them again over the past two weeks. Ending up in right about the same spot (… a little heavier today actually). I’m not taking the scale to heart right now though. I feel like the fit of my clothes, my progress pics, and the reactions of people in my life, are making it very clear that I am losing fat. I saw my family this past weekend and they all FREAKED OUT about how thin I was. My mom said “I don’t think you’ve looked this skinny since before highschool!” Ironically, I weigh about 10-15 pounds more than I did then, but I am a muscle body now instead of a little dough ball 😉

2 weeks ago when I did my status update, I wasn’t very confident that I had actually lost 10 pounds (I thought it was all water weight), but at this point I am pretty confident that I have actually lost some significant fat!

In other progress news since 2 weeks ago, I am lifting again!! Which makes me really happy. I can’t lift heavy yet, but it’s getting there.

I am not sure what to expect for the next few weeks. I will be getting my period soon and that usually fucks everything up!

Notes on “The Plan”:

Keep my carbs lower – I am going to do this even post-lifting. If I want to lose weight, I just need to cut the potatoes, plantains and sweet potatoes out of my life. This has been key for me in the past, and I assume it still is.  (also, I need to cut the damn tacos out of my life)

I’ve started lifting again and thought maybe I would need to add some carbs to feel strong, but I don’t think I do yet. Everything is still very light and I have been feeling really good with my carb levels. So I’m going to stick with it until it’s not working anymore. 

Keep my calories lower – I don’t have a specific daily number but I know what I usually eat (because I write it down every fucking day) and I am going to simply ‘eat a little bit less’. Nothing too complicated here — 2 eggs instead of 3. 6oz of chicken instead of 8. Skip the bacon. Etc.

  • Watch the avocados
  • Watch the heavy cream
  • Watch the nuts
  • Watch the booze LANA! This mean’s pretty fucking close to none.

I think I lost sight of this a little over the past couple weeks and this might be why I didn’t lose any weight on the scale. I am going to seriously cut our dairy and alcohol for the next two weeks (other than on my husbands 30th birthday, when I intend to celebrate like I mean it — eating and drinking whatever the fuck I want with him)

Make sure I get enough protein – This is important, because I’m trying to lose fat not muscle. I am going to shoot for 120-140 grams of protein a day (more on lifting days) — That should pan out to around 2 large eggs at breakfast (15g), 6ox chicken at lunch (40g), 8 oz meat at dinner (60g), and 1 protein shake (50g).

This has been better since the last update, I started supplementing with protein shakes this week and I think that’s got my numbers up a bit. Going to continue to work on this, especially now that I am lifting again. 

No Mo Cheese – Cheese is my favorite slip up (other than whiskey), but I will cut that shit out until I get my weight where I want it.

I need to re-focus on this. The past two keeps weren’t anything to be bragging about. 

Get to bed on time – I have been kinda shitty with getting 8 hours of sleep lately and I need to start being more careful about this. I am going to try to be in bed by 10pm on pre-lifting nights and 12pm on not lifting nights.

I am the queen of sleeping!! Focusing on getting to bed on time before the gym this week especially. 

Drink more water – I used to be the queen of slurping down 130 oz of water every day, but lately I’ve been slacking big time. I think because I stopped carrying my Nalgene bottle around with me everywhere. I am going to start doing this again. Four 32oz bottles every day from here on out – Bring it!

I am rocking this and all ever ever fucking do is pee…. it’s annoying as balls. 

Keep Lifting – I will keep doing my normal 3 days of Texas Method a week, for as long as that keeps working. I understand it will get harder if I am not eating as much. If it slows dramatically, I will reassess (though this probably just means switching to threes instead of fives… or perhaps something with more hypertrophy just for shits and giggles)

New goal of hitting the gym 4 days a week for the next 2 weeks. 

Incorporate some conditioning – likely this will be in the form of one or two CrossFit WODs a week. Likely I will do this directly after my Volume and Intensity lifting sessions (though, perhaps the next day, or the evening after). I’m not sure how this will work but we’ll see how it goes. I will probably have to play around with how I fit this into my week as I’m really not sure yet.

One of the above days will be a conditioning day. 

Document – I’m going to take my weight every morning and post a picture of the bar graph every Sunday. I’m also going to post progress photos and measurements every two weeks (on Sundays). I will update this post tomorrow with starting photos and measurements.

Going to continue with what I’ve been doing. 

Thanks for reading!! Wish me luck for the next two weeks 🙂


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