Sometimes sleep is more important

One day I am going to look back on my training and be like “Damn Lana, you really knew how to sleep!!”

Yeah, I skipped my conditioning day to sleep. But I needed it so I’m not sweating it (literally). Also I have no idea how to condition at my new gym yet so I wasn’t really sold on getting out of bed to attempt to figure it out. Because my programming confusion has been a pretty significant (and frustrating, and confusing) I decided to buy the CUBE Method e-book today and am starting to research it as a possibility once I get my back all sorted out. But for now, starting strength will ensue (for fucking ever… and ever… and ever).  Cube method seems interesting anyway and I’m psyched to continue reading it.

Anyway, I didn’t log my food Friday and Saturday because I was out being sociable with my family. Here’s an exciting picture which I feel exudes how much I wasn’t giving a fuck about logging 🙂  Morning weigh in’s were 151.4# both days and I stuck to the diet pretty well other than my usual weekend cheese/alcohol splurges.


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