CUBE Method Acclimation Day

Training was awesome today. I’m not quite feeling strong enough on my squats to start the Cube Method officially, so I added in some of the accessory work to help acclimate myself to the high rep junk I’ll need to get used to next week (or the following… whenver I decide to start).  I am pretty sure I’m going to be super sore tomorrow. Which I’m not completely un-excited about. Anyway, SUPER fun day and I am just so excited to be lifting again 🙂 Words can not express!! Also, back up to BIG PLATES ON MY SQUAT TOMORROW!!! WHAAAAATTTT??!?!!!!! haha YAY for Getting back up to normal strength levels!

….. and then after all that awesomeness, I broke diet because of social anxiety and ate a pint of rice with my indian food. Oh well, 1 major cheat in 4 weeks isn’t really anything to be sad about. Whatevvvvssss…. here’s to the next 4 weeks! And the good news is, other than the cheat-tastic indian food… I didn’t have any dairy today. WORD.


Forgot to weigh myself this morning
Sleep – 7.5 Hours


  • 3 eggs in bacon fat
  • 1 scoop C4 in Water
  • 32 oz water
Training – CUBE Method Acclimation (…. basically Starting Strength plus accessory junk)

Stretching & Mobilizing
Warm Up
2×15 Back Extensions & Sit Ups

Squat – 3×5@115#
Front Squat – 3×5@95#
Deadlift – 1×5@185#
RDL – 3×8@135#
Weighted Back Extensions 3×15@25#
Decline Bench Sit ups 3×10

Breakfast 2/Post-Lifting (OMFG I WAS HUNGRY!!):

  • 3 egg omelet with ham, onions, peppers
  • 1 cup of berries (strawberries, blueberries, and about 3 grapes)
  • BLACK iced coffee!
  • 32 oz water


  • Salad with Spring Mix, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers & Avocados. 
  • BLACK coffee
  • 32 oz water

Dinner – Indian Take-out while working late at the office:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala…. with the rice 😦 I was embarrassed… and I just didn’t feel like explaining to my new boss that I don’t eat Naan…. Or rice…. or really anything normal. I just wanted to act normal for once. It literally made me sick.
  • 32 oz water

I’m fucking tired so I’m going to bed. NO PICTURES FOR YOU FUCKERS TODAY!


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