A-fucking-mazing shit that I found on facebook today.


  • 2 eggs
  • 3 thing slices of bacon
  • 1 scoop C4
  • 32 oz water
Linear Progression Rehab + some cube method inspired accessory work

I’m going to officially stop my LP and start the cube method next week. I think my weights are high enough that it will work without putting too much extra stress on my back . I’m ready get back into a normal routine and excited to see how it goes! From the past week of working in some of the accessory lifts I really think I’m going to love it.

Warm up – Some yoga poses, Arm circles, torso twisting, leg kicks…. all sorts of weird shit.

Squats 3×5@135 These are feeling great. Still working on holding my back flat and keeping my abs engaged. I really think that all the ab accessory work is making these much nicer than before. In a way I am greatful to have hurt my back. It’s forcing me to do the shit I really didn’t have the patience to do before.

Front Squats 3×5@ 105 These are feeling shitty, having a hard time keeping my chest/elbows up. Abs are stronger but haven’t gotten “front squat good” yet. Going to retake this weight next time I do front squats.

Deadlift 1×5 @ 195# Eh…. I should not have done these today. #4 & 5 were sloppy because I was beat from the past week of training, and I don’t even know why I did them. Being impatient to get my numbers back up I guess. Even though I’m not at my max strength levels, I shouldn’t be deadlifting more than once a week…. it’s not that heavy… but it’s not really that light either. I was being impatient and I really need to not do that. I am trying to fix my back… not break it again. It’s hard to decide where the line is on things sometimes.

Back Extensions & Sit Ups – 5×10 with 45# plate for back extensions and then….. 1×10 of the slowest most painful decline bench sit ups ever. My abs are so fucked from Monday/Tuesday I just couldn’t make these happen this morning.

Breakfast 2/Post-lifting:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Sausage Patty
  • 32 oz water
  • Black coffee

Lunch – packed lunch in the park… so nice 🙂 : 

  • 8 Medium Shrimp
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 1/2 an onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 32 oz water


  • 8oz Chicken Salad
  • 1 cucumber


  • 1 pint Lamb Korma (Indian Feast of the week…. or did I have one on Monday… perhaps I should stop eating so much indian takeout. no… couldn’t be.) No Rice… Like Soup. 
  • 32 oz water

2 thoughts on “SO SORE!

    • Hahaha thanks Mich 🙂 I am also a crap writer…. though I am getting better the more I do it.

      I ❤ my blog and find it very inspiring and motivating to stick to my goals. Hope all is going well for you!!

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