Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello internet. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve logged huh? 3 days you say? Oh, 4?! Well shit. Oh, what did I eat?

Well… Here’s the story. 

Friday evening my husband decided that he wanted to celebrate his birthday by making a home made pizza and drinking beer…I told myself when I started this challenge that I would have a cheat day with him for his birthday, so I did. And it was amazing! No regrets here.

But then, after Friday’s cheat meal… I thought… ‘well perhaps I should make it a 24 hour cheat window. I’ve been so good all month!’ so I cheated at brunch by having some cocktails and sweet fried breakfast fritters with my good friend Kristen. Then for dinner, my husband’s family came to visit us, so we went out for an amazing Ethiopian Birthday feast (how could I say no to that?!)… and then we had cake and ice cream… and then there was a lot of leftover beer to drink on Sunday… so I had to drink that!

Then today I got out of bed and decided to get my ass back in gear! As usual, I made two eggs for breakfast!

…. but then my office meetings went so late that I didn’t get to go eat lunch until 5pm and by that point I was FUCKING STARVING… so I ate a burger and fries. Then because I was feeling sorry for myself and like a total slacker… I had ice cream for dessert and said goodbye to cheating for another month.

The End

P.S. My Job is stressing me out lately and I am bleeding out of my vagina! YAY!


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