CUBE Squat & Bench Days

I forgot to log my lifting on Tuesday… so here’s that:

CUBE Week 1 – Squat: Explosive Day

Warm-up: Sit ups & Back Extensions. Lots of stretching & yoga

Squat: 8×3 @ 120# Working on popping up FAST! (I took my numbers down a bit from where I was planning because of my back. I just don’t want to refuck it up so I am being very conservative this cycle… didn’t want to toy around with speed work at heavy-ish weights)

High Bar Squat: 5×5 @ 120#

Leg Press: 3×15 w/ 45# on each side

Back Extensions 3×15

Sit Ups 3×10

CUBE Week 1 – Bench: Heavy Day

Warm-up: Back Extensions & Push Ups. Lots of stretching & yoga

Bench: 1 rep at 95# just because. 5×2 @ 80# This was easy as fuck.

Light Bench: 2×15 @ 65# Fine.

Lat Pulldown: 3×12 @ 85#

Dumbbell Trap Shrugs 3×15 w/ 30#DBs

Military Press 3×12 @ 45# (better than last week’s bullshit)

Tricep push downs 3×15 @ 20#

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