Deadlifts followed by… a Wedding!

5/4/13 – Training and food

Aerobics step up blocks make for fantastic deadlifting blocks if your gym doesn’t have them 😉 


  • A couple spoonfuls of greek yogurt
  • c4
CUBE Method, Week 1 – Deadlifts – Rep Day

Everything felt fucking great. I think eating an enormous chimichanga the night before might have been to thank. 

Warmup – back extensions, stretching, jumping around, silly shit.

Deadlifts – 1×8@ 190#

Deadlifts off 4″ block – 2×3@ 225#

High bar Squat – 3×8@115#

Really light accessory work because I hurt my back a little with this shit last week and didn’t want to do it again.

Back Extensions – 3×15

Sit Ups – 3×15

Good Mornings – 3×10 with the bar.


  • 2 chicken tacos – chicken, cilantro, corn tortillas, salsa
  • 1 steak taco – steak, cilantro, corn tortilla, salsa, onions


  • 12 piece chicken nuggets from chick-fil-a (I don’t know how they make this chicken so good but it blows my mind every time)

Best Friends Wedding!!! WOO!! Lots of fun, but I am hungover today and so sleepy


Being silly at the wedding

  • Too many appetizers
  • Too much wine
  • Dinner – chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus
  • 2 scones
  • 1 chocolate filled crepe
  • 2 bites of wedding cake
  • Coffee
  • Some olives and a gin and tonic later in the night

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