Heavy Squat Day!! Yessssss


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 slice of leftover pizza
  • c4
CUBE – Week 2: Heavy Squats!

Squats – 155#x2, 165#x2, 175#x2, 185#x2, 185#x2 
I was a little nervous about squatting 185# today because that’s the weight that I hurt my back on a couple months ago and I haven’t done more than 165# since then. That said, I decided to do 5 ascending doubles instead of 5 heavy doubles and everything worked out great! I am so happy to have done this today, especially because there wasn’t any pain in my back! Abs are feeling strong and my spine is feeling fucking SOLID!

My belt is back in action baby!! 

Front Squats – 5×5 @ 95# working on getting deep, staying on my quads, and driving up with my chest/elbows. I hate these, but that probably just means I should keep doing them.

Good Mornings – 45#x5, 95#x5, 135#x8. I started feeling a little tinge of pain in my lower back after the 135 set, so I called it here instead of doing 2 more sets. Not trying to aggravate that shit.

Weighted Back Extensions – 3×30 with 15# MedBall

Decline Bench Sit Ups – 3×15 (going to start weighting these)

Hamstring Curls – 2×25 20# This was supposed to be 2×50 but thought I’d rather not be completely disabled for Deadlifts on Saturday 😉


  • 2 scoops whey
  • 1 banana

Lunch – A little bit of everything at the sushi restaurant

This looks like more food than it was. 

  • 1/2 a salmon avocado roll
  • 1/2 a salmon roll
  • Edamame
  • 1 shrimp 2 yam 1 mushroom tempura
  • 2 shrimp dumplings
  • 2 beef/scallion roll thingy
  • 1 bowl miso soup

Dinner – BBQ on my deck with a bunch of friends:

  • Organic Grass Fed Beef & Lamb burgers
    • 2 patties
    • 1 bun
    • lettuce, tomatoes, mayo
  • Big plate of Salad w/ dressing
  • 3 beers
  • 3 flour-less peanut butter cookies
  • 1 cup ice cream

This was kind of an epically insane day of eating (mostly due to the cookies and ice cream). Having guests stay with us for the past few days is definitely taking it’s toll on my eating patterns. Oh well, shit happens I guess. Going to clean it up a bit a lot tomorrow and over the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Heavy Squat Day!! Yessssss

  1. Thanks guys 🙂 I feel weird calling 185# my “heavy” squats… but it is what it is until my back is all healed up. Anyway a step in the right direction for sure!!

    Deadlifts tomorrow WOO!

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