Squats: the “all around best exercise you can do” – Old Man at the Gym

The unsolicited advice I get now that I train at a regular commercial gym is…. surprisingly … not that bad. I imagined it would be much worse than it has been. BUT, that said, it does happen every once in a while. For example, this morning a very friendly old man (who was probably in the navy at some point and had naked ladies tattooed on his arms)  informed me that squats are the “all around best exercise you can do” they will “exercise every muscle in your body” because they are a “total body work out”

Hell yes they are!

This old man has been dubbed my new gym boyfriend (of which there are many!)… and he has amazing lats.

Sushi in the park for dinner 🙂 Life is gooooooood!

Breakfast (woke up a tad late so I stuffed my face without much creativity this morning):

  • 1 cup egg whites cooked in olive oil. 
  • c4
CUBE Method – Week 3: Squats, Reps. 

Squats: worked up to a single set of 160×8. It was stupid easy. Luckily I was really tired this morning or I probably would have been disappointed. (Though maybe not because the rest of today’s accessory work totally kicked my ass.)

Wide Stance Good Mornings: 3×8@95# ohhhh haaayyyyy upper hammies!

Barbell Lunges: 3×15 @ 45# Holy fucking shit my glutes are weak. I tried to do 65# but that was just not going to happen today. I am pretty sure I will not be able to walk tomorrow from these. But, as hard as they were, I think this will grow quickly. Today was the first time I’ve done these in a couple years so I’m not surprised they sucked. Anyway, super psyched for the booty pump I got and I can’t wait to do them more often. HELL YES FOR MY GIANT FUCKING ASS.

High Bar Squats: 2×25 @ 45# This was supposed to be 1×50 @ 75# and I definitely could have done more than I did, but I just felt like … fuck that shit. I wasn’t really feeling ambitious this morning and I’m still not feeling 100% about my back injury being healed yet so I didn’t go all out with the crazy high volume. Anyway, these sucked just about as much as I felt like dealing with today haha.

Abzzzzzzz; Decline Bench Sit ups: 3×20 w/ 10# plate. This was great. I am definitely getting stronger in the middle. It feels good. And it is showing in my squats and deadlifts for sure! It’s not really showing in my abs…. but who gives a fuck about that.


  • Sauna Protein 
  • 1 banana

Breakfast #2:

  • 2 eggs
  • homefries (absolutely disgusting, never getting these from this restaurant again. And I don’t think that’s just the “Jersey Diner Home-Fry Connoisseur” in me speaking. They were legit fucking gross)
  • Coffee with cream


Shoving my face during meetings. These were giant sandwiches…. way too much food to eat during a meeting. Go Go Powelifter Belly!)

  • 1/2 of a pulled pork sandwich
  • 1/2 of an italian tuna sandwich


  • See above photo
  • 2 glasses of wine

I’m not tracking my calories/macros today because I ate too much takeout to get any sort of realistic idea of what they are. Today rocked.


2 thoughts on “Squats: the “all around best exercise you can do” – Old Man at the Gym

    • Home fries are basically pan fried potatoes ( though boiled first to get them softened). Usually they are fried with onions and maybe peppers. Its big in New Jersey. And AMAZING.

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