FACT: When a woman deadlifts, all the men in the gym add a set of plates to their bar.

This is my latest gym observation. I walk in, shit looks normal, everyone is working but not going crazy or anything. Then I start deadlifting… people start looking at me…. and then slowly they start getting more and more intense about their workout. Men who were barely sweating before are, all of a sudden loading up plates, grunting, and asking their friends for a spot.

If a woman starts lifting heavy, all the men realize it’s time to step up their game.

Today a made a new friend at the gym — Omo (I have no idea if that’s really his name, it was something like that… he has a thick Nigerian accent so it was hard to understand). He confirmed this observation for me. When I started my snatch grip deadlifts he proclaimed, “oh shit, she’s loadin up the bar! Better step it up guys!” to his friends. I laughed… and they all agreed I had already made them all feel like they better start working harder. One dude said “We have egos to protect. We can’t have have this tiny girl coming in here showing us up! Gotta load up the plates!”. Pretty sure this is how injuries happen.

Anyway, I’m enjoying making friends with all these 300# black bodybuilder dudes. Kind of a nice break from my usual crowd of scrawny Brooklyn Hipsters.

I didn’t log yesterday because I was feeling lazy, so I will try to recap what I ate…

(Random: Here’s a picture of my dog being fucking awesome)

Friday: 5/17/13


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tortillas
  • olive oil


  • 5″x5″ piece of spinach pie
  • Small side salad

Happy Hour: 

  • 1 glasses sangria
  • 1 glass wine

Dinner with Jeff at Bar Corbo on Washington Ave- which was AWESOME:

  • 2 cocktails
  • Appetizer:
    • Mac n Cheese (Probably the best mac and cheese I have ever had in my entire life… literally)
    • Grilled Calamari
  • Dinner:
    • Squid Ink Spaghetti w/ octopus
    • Pork Chop with Polenta (amazing)
Friday: 5/18/13


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tortillas
  • olive oil
CUBE Method: Week 3: Heavy Deadlift Day

Deadlift: Worked up to 5×2 @ 225# — I’ve been feeling like my grip has been an issue for me lately so I went without straps today for these doubles. I warmed up overhand then did switchgrip for the work. Switching supine hand every set.

Snatch Grip Rack Pull Deadlifts: Worked up to 2×8 @ 175#. These were brutal!!!! my ass is so sore from lunges on Thursday and these just KILLED my already sore glutes. I used straps for these and still could barely hold on to the bar. Borrowed some chalk from Omo and that helped. I need to get my own chalk for the gym.

Dumbbell Kroc rows: 1×10@ 35# then decided I could go heavier for my work so…  3×10@40#

Dumbbell Shrugs: 3×15 @ 45# I hate these….

Military Press: I was feeling good for whatever reason so I decided to throw these in and do a little 1RM testing since it’s been FOREVER since I have tested my press. I worked up to:

75#x1 (PR!)
80#xFail…. grrrrrr
80#x1 (10#PR!!) I was so happy about this. I feel like I’ve been stuck at 70# for fucking EVER on press. I can do 70# for many reps, but I have never been able to get more off of my chest. This wasn’t beautiful, but it was totally legit!

ABZZZZ – Weighted pull downs on the cable machine: 3×10 @ 70# 2×10@ 80#

Awesome day at the gym all around.

This concludes my first 3 week cycle of CUBE and I am totally in love with it. Can’t fucking wait to test when I am through with the next 2 cycles. I am so so so sure I have some BIG PRs coming my way! Also, I am looking like a total babe! My waste is the tiniest it’s ever been and my ass and shoulders are getting huge. I love it. 


  • 2 scoops whey
  • 10 pieces sashimi
  • 1 cup sushi rice
  • miso soup
  • ginger salad

Deadlift hunger strikes hard:

  • 1 slice of white broccoli & spinach pizza


  • 4oz filet mignon 
  • side of salad greens
  • 1.5 cup basmati rice
  • grilled onions & mushrooms.
  • A zillion gin and tonics(diet) with Jeff

1984 Calories (These numbers aren’t including alcohol)
60.4g of Fat
160.8g of Protein
186.3g of Carbs


6 thoughts on “FACT: When a woman deadlifts, all the men in the gym add a set of plates to their bar.

  1. That is awesome! I will get there someday! Just have to work up to it. I use to deadlift in middle school with my brother until he got tired of taking the weights on and off of his bench (he lifted 300+lbs compared to my measly 135lbs but I only weighed 155 when I was lifting that much LOL)

    • Are you lifting currently? If not, I would highly recommend doing Starting Strength. It’s as 2 or 3 days a week beginners program. It is only 3 lifts a day so it’s very easy to stick to. I loved it and think it’s a great way to get strong relatively quickly.

  2. It’s a basic strength program. Getting beginners to do basic barbell lifting. It’s wonderfully simple and incredibly effective! You will get STRONG fast.

  3. Hahaha – this is sooooooo true. And they *all* do it – they’re lying if they claim they don’t.

    Got to admit though, what I *really* enjoy (sadistic b**** that I am) is watching a guy bench less than me from a few metres away, then going to the next bench, and warming up with more than he’s lifting 🙂 I’m so mean. Same with the deads and squats – love showing the guys up.

    Of course, I’m totally doing it for their own good – it’ll just encourage them to work harder, right? 😉

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