Coach Lana!

I will officially begin coaching the open lifting sessions at CrossFit Crow Hill starting this Sunday 🙂 Woo!! They randomly offered me the opportunity to coach a session once a week and I decided it sounded like a super fun way to spend a couple hours on the weekends. I’m really excited to start. I am still going to be lifting at Golds during the week because it’s really convenient for getting to work in the morning (and because I am obsessed with the sauna).  But now I get to yell at CrossFitters and tell them to eat more food so they can squat more too. YAY! Anyway, here’s to having two fucking awesome jobs! I feel loved 😉

Speaking of how I feel… BLOATED AND FAT today. I want to say that I ate like a pig but I don’t think I actually did. Just bloated. Probably all this rice lately.

Anyway the most exciting news of this super exciting post is: TOMORROW IS SQUAT DAY!! WHATTT?!?!?! THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……

I don’t even feel like logging today, so yeah here’s the express version….

B:Cottage cheese & Rice
L: Salad and a sushi roll
D: Indian food.


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