Feeling Ill too much food…

Ughhh…. so much memorial day weekend junk food.

Ready to start eating clean again.

Typically, I eat like crap once or twice a week and then hold down some sense of normalsy throughout the week. This memorial day weekend got me though. It’s gonna be time for some serious clean up this week as I have been feeling like crud from eating so much junk over the past 4 days. On the bright side, at least I haven’t had a zillion beers on top of it all! Anyway, shame-logging for the day.


  • 1.5 pieces of the leftover chili cornbread from last night
  • coffee w/ cream

Lunch – Memorial Day Murph BBQ at CrossFit Crow Hill:

Team Crow Hill CrossFit – They all did the workout, I just ate the steak

I did not do ‘Murph’ today because, well…. running…. pull ups…. ehhhhhh…..  (also because I have to bench tomorrow) But, it was fun to hang out with all those crazy CrossFitters and watch them run around like mad men. Also, god DAMN paleo food is good! I almost forgot how good it is since I’ve been off the wagon for a few weeks and being uber-lazy. I may have to start getting back into it a bit to up my colorful veggie quota, everything was sooooo gooood!

  • WAYYYYY too much food
    • about 8 oz of steak
    • about 3 oz brisket
    • a zillion pounds of cole slaw
    • cauliflower salad with cinnamon and pomegranates (OMG SO GOOD! I AM MAKING THIS!)
    • Basil Beet & tomato salad
    • greens
    • roasted eggplant and peppers
    • slow cooked brussel sprouts


  • 3 slices of delicious White Pizza
    (NOM NOMMMMM but…. ughhhh I am feeling sick from this….. blehhhhhhh…..) 

Ég borðaði of mikið ruslfæði
(I ate too much junk food)

3 thoughts on “Feeling Ill too much food…

  1. You know what I liked about Paleo? By dispensing with all the white crap you had more room in your stomach for food that tasted amazing!

    Sounds like a fun weekend, hope the bench session went well.

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