Monthly Update

About a month ago I decided to “stop dieting” and I thought I’d write up a bit of a summation of how this has been going for me. Since I did this, I added all non-paleo foods back into my life — most plentiful were, dairy, rice, and corn.  I’ve probably eaten wheat products once or twice a week since switching off of paleo, and sugar maybe once every week or two. I haven’t actually had much in the way of processed food (since I don’t really like that kind of stuff), but I did start getting carried away with take-out, so I made a point to fix that issue.  Within this time I’ve also given up alcohol, which is a major step for me 🙂

In general, I feel much better on the platform! Stronger, quicker, sharper, and more well recovered.  My body likes having some carbs in it, I think. Strict paleo was great for some reasons but feeling like a strong lifter was not really one of them. I am very happy to have done this self experimentOn the other hand, however, my belly is achy a lot, my poop is not as awesome as they used to be, and I have been having some inflammatory issues that I won’t go into because… well it’s just TMI for my blog. So I am going to go ahead and eliminate wheat completely again. I am going to limit corn and sugar a lot, but will not be giving up rice…. it really seems to be helping me feel strong and doesn’t seem to upset my belly, skin, or guts.

New Toys!

Over the next month, my new goal is to work on weighing and measuring my food. I often focus so heavily on quality that I miss the other half of things – quantity 😉 I bought a food scale and I’m excited to try it out. I’m not setting any rules for how much to eat yet, I am just going to take this month to learn to use the new equipment and see how much I am currently eating. Once I feel comfortable with weighing and measuring everything that I eat, perhaps I’ll consider making some sort of plan for how implement this information toward my long term goals.


6 thoughts on “Monthly Update

  1. I have the same scale shown in your post. Best $25 I ever spent as it was responsible for a 13% reduction in body fat.

    Tough to walk the line between being too strict and not strict enough!

  2. I’m not sure that weighing food is the key (hey, I’m opinionated. Deal with it). If you’re like virtually every person I know who has tried to lose weight, you’ve got a basically sound diet, and a few items are weaknesses that screw the rest of the good work over.

    Keep a food diary, an honest one, and write down everything you eat BEFORE you eat it. Just for a week, and no limits on what you eat. You’ll soon figure out the problem areas, or problem times.

    Then it’s just a matter of *increasing* the healthy foods that are not problems or triggers (in my case, I bumped in a couple of extra protein shakes), to stop you chowing down on the triggers and problem foods. And be aware of juice, soft drink etc (even the diet stuff, which apparently can alter blood sugar and insulin levels): liquid calories can be a killer.

    And good luck 🙂 XX

    • Thanks for the tips, however, I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight… Just interested in understanding my recovery and how different foods effect my lifting. Also… If you haven’t noticed I do keep a journal. My entire blog is a food journal. 😉

      • Yeah, that’s my problem 😉 I forget, and then write in at the end of the day, and struggle to remember what I’ve eaten and when.

        The breakthrough for me came when I figured out the times and triggers that were causing it. And that only came when I managed a whole week writing it up prior to eating. For example, I didn’t know that seeing my kids eat would make me eat (dumb, but hey). And that reading about food online would do it too. And TV is terrible – way too many food (especially junk food) ads after 3 pm in the afternoon, they start THAT early! So I turned the box off, and the kids play Wii or watch DVDs instead, omce their homework is done.

        It’s a real detective job!

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