Dairy, I thought we were bro’s!

I’ve spent most of the day feeling super bloated, gassy and gross and I’ve decided that I blame dairy. I haven’t had much dairy in the past couple weeks because I was suspecting that it was the reason I was feeling yucky… and I discovered today… I was right! I at a bunch of dairy at lunch and, while it was delicious, it hasn’t been fun afterward.

Have I ever mentioned that before I went paleo I had absolutely no food intolerances – NONE – I could eat as much dairy and wheat as I wanted and never had any adverse affects. Now, I have a  bowl of ice-cream and my husband’s scoffing at me for stinking up the apartment with the nastiest farts ever. Or, I eat some sort of baked goods and I get fucking hemorrhoids for three days afterward! (Sorry for the WAY WAY TMI but seriously .. it sucks) I like Ice-cream once in a while, I like cottage cheese for a quick source of protein, I like cheese…. in general. And Pizza, bagels, pasta…. never again?! Really?!

I kinda thought that once I found a level of comfort with my body composition it would be awesome to go back to eating some junk here and there, but apparently that’s not how it’s going to go for me. Forever healthy. Oh well. Luckily, I like eating healthy, and now I know my limitations a little better. Moving forward, I guess I’ll just keep it minimal and take the belly ache when I feel it’s worth the reward. 😦

Here’s to being trapped as a half-assed paleo chick the rest of my life. Whether I like it or not.

::sigh:: I suppose maybe thats not the worst thing ever.

Breakfast – Pre/Lifting: 

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 egg whites
  • 200g white rice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • hot sauce
CUBE – Cycle 3, Week 1. Deadlift Reps (Slacker version)

I did my lifting at CrowHill CrossFit today and didn’t have my belt or straps. Deadlifts felt fine but accessory work sucked… I just didn’t push myself at all and was super lazy about everything. 

Deadlift: Worked up to 225×2 (tapering down on everything lately… kinda boring when this happens in your programming)
Snatch Grip Deadlift: 3×5 @ 135 These were fucking brutal without straps. My hands still hurt actually.
Sumo Deadlifts: 1×5 @ 135 I just felt like trying this. So much hip action!
Behind The Neck Press: 1×5 @ 45#, 1×3 @ 65# Then I stopped because my shoulder was hurting. I tweaked it on my squats on thursday so it’s been feeling like shit.

Lunch: cue horrendous gas and bloating

  • 2 cups cottage cheese
  • 250g mashed sweet potatoes

Snack: I’m an idiot

  • 2 bowls of icecream  – I don’t know why I ate this. I knew it was a bad idea 

Dinner: This was probably the most disgusting dinner I’ve made in a LONG time… SO BAD! UGH! 

  • 100g quinoa 
  • 200g shrimp
  • Curry & other spices

Not a satisfying day in the kitchen or the gym….  I want to vomit.


2 thoughts on “Dairy, I thought we were bro’s!

  1. This is one thing I wonder about: when I eat dairy and “junk food” I feel like crap. Is this because I’ve eliminated them consistently for a while or did they always cause me to feel crappy, but I just felt so consistently crappy that I never noticed? (I get the worst gas just from whey nowadays. I feel bad for the person who shares my cubicle).

    I’ve also had that day: Dairy made me sick! I will never eat dairy again! Better eat ice cream while I still can! It’s understandable.

    Hope you feel better.

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