After the Cube??

I squatted heavy this morning. The heaviest I have since…. I don’t know… January? December? Not sure. A long time. Worked up to heavy singles — one at 205#, and two at 225# – the first was wonkey because I was nervous about my back, but after I got over that the second was smooth and fast.   It was definitely the first time I’ve had two plates on the bar since before I hurt my back, so I was happy to have done it and am feeling very confident that my strength is back where it was pre-injury. I didn’t test today,but I am confident I still have the 245 I had last time I tested … perhaps more!  Weirdly though, while I was once super excited to test… I’m really not anymore. In fact, I kinda just want to move onto the next cycle of training and not do that until I really feel the urge to do it. Kinda weird, but maybe thats a better way to do it.

Since I am coming up on my last week of the CUBE Method, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for my next training cycle, and I’m really not sure. I am definitely going to start lifting 4 days a week consistently rather than three, but I’m not sure what those days will consist of. The past few months have been a lot of learning and self evaluation and I think I have actually almost broken myself from my urges to test all the time (though this does change rappidly from week to week). Some days I want to, some days I don’t. All I know for sure is… I never want to miss a lift again. Ever. I just can’t take the emotional or physical stress of it, so I want to do my programming in a way that leaves me feeling 100% confident I will make my lifts unless I’m testing or competing (which I’d like to be about twice a year, MAX.)

I am actually thinking about making up my own program and following it for a while, tweaking things as I go, and working off of it as a base line depending on how I’m feeling . There were some things I really loved about CUBE, and there were some things I really loved about Texas,  conversely, there were things I didn’t like about both of them. While they were VASTLY different programs, honestly, I think there is a lot to be learned from the two of them and I would like to experiment with finding something that works for me that lies somewhere in the middle. CUBE was so low intensity on “Big lifts” and over the top with the body builder stuff, Texas was so over the top with “Big Lifts” and totally lacking in accessory work… somewhere in the middle might be nice. A little more volume in my main lifts is probably all I need… but not as much as texas.

Currently I am thinking about doing something like this:  This is almost a Texas Method modification, working with sets of threes, except it’s on a two week cycle, rather than one. This will probably change… but this is where my head is currently.

Monday — Volume Day: 8×3 @ 75% 

Focus this day on proper form and maintaining a consistant level of quality and speed through all 8 sets. This weight will probably remain the same for a few weeks at a time before being pushed up.  If I’m feeling extra good I’ll rest less between sets or do this on a clock.

  • Week A – Squats, Bench, ab work
  • Week B – Front Squats, Overhead Press, ab work
Wednesday — Explosive/Light Day: 2×5 @ 50%

Working on holding tight and pushing the weight to move FASTER through the entire range of motion. Create power and drive out of the bottom even though the weight is relatively light. Make it fly off my shoulders for every single rep.

  • Week A – Front Squats & Overhead Press,
  • Week B- Squats & Bench, 
Friday — Heavy Day: 1×3 @ 90-95%

This is similar to a Texas Method “Test Day”, however, I specifically never want to push myself to failure. If the first two (or one) of the set feel overly heavy I’m going to rack it and figure out how to proceed — rest more, eat more, or up my volume day weight for the next A/B Cycle. I am working on listening to my body and learning as I go what works best for me. I know from experience that I can’t handle the pressure of failing lifts… therefor, it’s just not going to happen. Promise to myself, that I will not fail! I am kind of purposefully neglecting my deadlift programing. I want to push it when I feel like it, but feel that pushing my squat has always been the most effective way to move my deadlift so I’m simply not thinking about it too much. My primary goal with deadlift programming is to strengthen my back slowly, add some mass to it, and not let my training interfere with my recovery.

  • Week A – Squats, Bench, and Rack Pulls (3×3), Chin ups
  • Week B – Front Squats, Overhead Press, Deficit Halting Deadlift (1×8), pull ups

Generally, I would also do powercleans on this day. They are not required though.

Saturday or Sunday – Conditioning and accessory work… AKA CrossFit 😉

I’m going to play this by ear depending on how I’m feeling and what’s going on with my body for that week. This might simply be rowing. It could be a barbell complex. This is just a fun day to catch up on anything I feel like working on.

P.S. We aren’t going to ask about my diet today as it was completely atrocious.


3 thoughts on “After the Cube??

  1. I like your set up on this. Ive heard good things about the cube, like it really help your work rate and ups your gpp. We did 6 months of 5/3/1 last year and had good success with it, We are taking a summer break from it & will start again with “Beyond” 5/3/1 in the fall

    • Thanks! This isn’t really too much like the cube, but it is a little. I’m excited to get started on it! I didn’t love 5,3,1 when I ran it, but that might have just been because my life kinda sucked at the time haha. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if its your programming or your stress levels 😉

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