Busy Busy Busy Bee


I went to the gym for an hour and I did nothing but stretch and sit in the sauna 🙂 It. Was. Amazing. After last week’s insane workload, my total, and the impending doom of this week’s work load… it’s all I wanted to do and I was really happy to have made the time to do it.

Breakfast: 2 egg tacos, so much coffee
Lunch: 100g rice, 150g chicken, salsa
Dinner: Crab Korma & Basmatti Rice (take out… I was at the office until midnight so… shit happens)


Just too much work today… I’m already feeling burnt out from this week and it’s only tuesday. I need to skip the gym tomorrow morning to get this report finished for my meeting at 10am. I’m feel like I COULD stay up until 3am to do it… but that would suck ass, and lifting would too on 4 hours of sleep. So yeah, I’m going to go to sleep, so I can wake up early and get it done. Hopefully I can sneak out of the office at a reasonable hour tomorrow and make my way to the gym afterward. We’ll see. Right now, work is coming first.

Breakfast: French toast made with Jeff’s leftover Banana Yeast bread. With Strawberry Jam. YUM! Craploads of coffee.
Lunch: 100g rice, 150g chicken, salsa
Dinner: 100g rice, 150g chicken, 2 cups kale, 1 cup creamy cauliflower soup, olive oil.

Side note: I usually make it a VERY VERY VERY serious goal to not let my work take over my life. I am not totally happy with how things have been at work, but we have a huge deadline the day that I get back from Vacation, so I am trying to do everything I can to not completely fuck my co-workers. After vacation, I am going to go back to making my balanced life a priority. Work is currently KILLING my lifting… gotta not let that happen.

Sorry for the super lame posts…


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