What’s Next?

Blah. What’s going on? Well… I’ve been busy as shit outside of the gym and because I don’t have any goals at the moment (because I am in between programs and cycles) I haven’t been very good about not letting my job get in the way of my lifting. It was fun for a couple weeks to pretend like I’m not crazy about lifting, but I think it’s time to start thinking about what comes next. I’m tired of being distracted and tired of being a giant workaholic. It’s been ok… but it’s time to get back to being focusing on having a healthy balanced life (a life where I use my job as a way of counterbalancing my lifting obsession)

For the next two weeks I’ll be on vacation, so I’m going to take that time to enjoy myself and re-balance the insane stress levels I’ve accumulated over the past month. Then…

then….after that…. hmmmm…. what happens when I get back?

Truth is. I’m not really sure….

While many people get into lifting over a long period of time… slowly transitioning into it and learning what works for them over a long period of time, I sort of did the opposite.  I CrossFitted for a while — doing exactly what the WOD told me to do, then, one day I discovered powerlifting, and instantly became obsessed with it. Within a month or so, I got very serious about it… with very little experience. All of a sudden I was competing, I had a team, and I had a coach. I was in LOVE with it. I was so in love in fact, that I quit my job so that I could become a coach and train more often. I was eating like a monster, I was taking supplements, I was training 4x a week and coaching 50 hours a week. I was living and breathing nothing but powerlifting. After a while of this… I. burnt. out. I was STRESSED THE FUCK OUT and I couldn’t handle it. I wasn’t sleeping, I was anxious and I was super depressed. Suprise suprise… my lifting sucked. In hindsight, perhaps I was overtraining. But then again… maybe not. Either way, the intensity in which I dove head first into powerlifting was harsh, and honestly…. kinda weird. I literally dropped my whole life and became … a powerlifter.

“Sometimes, you have to get soaking wet if you want to see the rainbow”
– Bullshit I made up today after I got soaked and then saw this rainbow.


Since then, I’ve takin a step back and have realized that it wasn’t healthy or helpful for me to be so consumed in it. My life had no balance and I forgot how to have fun. Now, I’m back in architecture and working to find that balance. I took some time away from dieting and I actually found a diet that seems to really work for me. If you follow my blog regularly, you know exactly what that is. It’s not really paleo, it’s not really clean, it’s not really anything… but it’s healthy and it works for me. I’d like to do the same thing with my programming.

After my year long love affair with powerlifting,  I feel I have a huge amount of technical knowledge and I know “the rules”, however,  I am missing the experience that is necessary to be a truly impressive lifter. I haven’t put in the time under tension yet. It’s as simple as that, and I know it. I could go out on a hunt for the perfect programming… but that’s not what I need, because I don’t think that exists. We are all different and we all need to figure out what we react to best.

In light of this I am planning to start the program that I wrote for myself a couple weeks ago (you remember… my weird texas method re-write) and just kind of experiment. Have fun with my programming, my technique, my speed, and my goals. I will likely overanalyze everything I do in a super subjective and unhelpful way, but I feel like I need a couple weeks/months to learn, grow, and experiment on my own (without a sheet of paper written by someone else leading me along). I’m keeping my programming very simple and will adjust it as necessary when I feel like I need to.

After a few cycles of fucking around with this… perhaps I’ll go back to something more complicated. For now though… some volume, some speed work, some intensity work… ya know. The basics.

Goals for July/August:

Over the previous two month cycle, I focused on getting stronger abs because of my back injury. I went from barely being able to do 10 sit ups (without a decline), to busting out 5 sets of 15 weighted decline bench sit ups with 45# weight! All over the course of 9 weeks! Simple linear progression man. I attribute this fixing my dog shit hyperextending back.

Over the next two months… I need to fix my fucking benchpress. It is retarded that my upper body is so weak and I NEED to put in some actual work here. So far, squatting 3x a week and basically ignoring my upper body hasn’t helped my bench. So maybe I’ll try something else.

Stronger Lats
Specific Goal: 3 Chin Ups
Tasks: 3x/Week Rotation — Chin up/Pull Up/Rows

There will be more goals I’m sure… but I’m going to think about them over the vacation 😉

Food Log: 

Breakfast: Green Smoothie – Mango, pear, protein, kale
Lunch: Salad – Chicken, romain, corn, tomatoes, cheddar, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, cabbage, olive oil
Dinner: 3 slices of pizza


2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Hey! Found your blog from jenuis’ and I gotta say, you are two strong ladies!! I’ll ask you what I asked her; what program would you recommend (or did you start with) when you started powerlifting? I’m stuck at a really pitiful 145lb squat that just won’t budge! And I’d really like to join the leagues of you two! Thanks in advance. Keep inspiring!

    • Aww thanks 🙂 I am not nearly as strong as Jenuis but I hope to be one day! I did CrossFit, then, when I switch to focusing specifically on strength I did Starting Strength.

      I would recommend you do Starting Strength until you absolutely can’t anymore. Then, do Texas Method. They are great for beginner gains. You will make progress quickly… IF YOU EAT AND SLEEP (That is a big part of the equation). Also, get someone to check your form. Even if it’s someone on the internet.

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