Home from Vacation :)

Vacation was wonderful! But I am very happy to be back and SO SO SO READY to get back to the gym and to eating healthy!

Home Sweet (hot, humid, smelly NEW YORK CITY!!) Home

So yeah… more planning posts. Hope you aren’t sick of these yet! I’m going to start logging my food/lifting again tomorrow and will be officially starting my 10 week push for a leaner body and better conditioning on Monday.

Updates in regard to this sort of shit are:

I’ve officially been sober for two full months! Yesssss!! During that time I have passed on booze for — two full weeks of vacation, two brewery tours, a beer wine & spirits tasting, 2 weeks of 50+ hour work weeks, co-workers going away parties, a day at the bar with my boss, client socials, Memorial day & 4th of July BBQs,  and lots of other terribly challenging obstacles. It hasn’t been easy!! But I am so so proud of myself for not giving up when it sucked. I am made of willpower! 

I’ve gained 5# since quitting drinking….Probably because I completely replaced booze with dessert. Which has been tasty, but has lead to a little bit of a belly. Anyway… gonna tackle that issue now 🙂

I’ve signed up for the GORUCK challenge in September. I’m using this as a little motivation to stick to my plan of incorporating conditioning and cardio into my programming. Pretty sure it was a really good idea — I’ve already gotten much more interested in how I’m gonna fit my cardio in and signed up for my CrossFit membership. It will be in my best interest to spend August getting in better shape, otherwise… it will suck!

Diet Planning

I’ve planned my diet for the next 10 weeks. I posted my training/conditioning programming for the next ten weeks a few days ago, and here’s my diet plan to accompany it. I’m trying for around a 40% 30% 30% macro breakdown and between 1800 and 2000 calories a day of healthy whole foods. 150-200g protein per day and some sort of split for carbs and fat. A nice modest approach to dieting… inspired by my old lifting buddy Renee (Swolesister). Once upon a time, she was once the same size and strength as me, but has since lost 20 pounds and totally lapped me on strength! I am pretty friggin proud of her lately, and super impressed with all the progress she’s made. So, I thought I’d give her crazy traditional theories a shot.

Lifting days (M,W,F,S):

2000 Calories

Breakfast – 350 Calories
PWO – 200-300 Calories
Lunch – 500 Calories
Snack – 200 Calories
Dinner – 500 Calories
Snack – 200 Calories

Off Days (T, TH, Su)

1800 Calories

Breakfast – 350 Calories
Lunch – 500 Calories
Snack – 200 Calories
Dinner – 500 Calories
Snack – 200 Calories

Goals for the next 10 weeks: 

  • 90% Adherence to my diet plan over the next 10 weeks
    I’m printing a calendar,  putting it on my fridge and giving myself a gold star every day that I hit my calorie target. Since there are 70 days total over the next 10 weeks, my goal is to collect at least 63 starts. 70 would be great, but I’m trying to be realistic. I’ve done similar things in the past and it works well for me (because I’m a five year old at heart… and I just want prizes!)

    How NOT get a star:

    • Go over my calories by more than 50
    • Go under my calories by more than 200
    • Not track my calories
    • Not hit my protein intake for the day
  • 90% Adherence to my training program over the next 10 weeks
    I’m doing the same thing for workouts — 3 lifting sessions & 4 cardio sessions a week for 10 weeks = 70 gold stars to try for.
    Extra points are allowed!
  • Complete the GORUCK challenge
  • Don’t work excessive overtime (this means more than 50h a week)
  • Post at least 10 recipes to this blog 🙂

In general I’d like to get my bodyweight down to about 145-140 pounds, feel comfortable running for a couple miles, not feel exhausted from a couple flights of stairs, and see the muscles I have worked so hard for. I understand 140 pounds likely won’t happen over the next 10 weeks, but 10 weeks sounds like a good amount of time to check in and see how things are working.



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