Still Alive

WOAH! WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Three days without posting! tisk tisk

As an apology here is a quick recipe for an AMAAAAAZZZZINNGGGG nectarine compote I made the other day. MMmmmmmmMmm 🙂 PUT THIS ON YOUR PROTEIN PANCAKES!


  • 3 nectarines
  • 1 tsp of truvia sweetener (or whatever kind of sweetener you want)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Method: Boil down until mushy. Put on everything you want to be delicious.
Anyway, I’m here, I’m alive and I’m well (well not really, I’ve actually been sick … meh). Food log and diet had been really good, until I got my period and decided I should eat all the ice cream in the grocery store. So… for the first time since I started my 10 week challenge… no gold star on my calendar. I mean… I didn’t go too crazy so there is a possibility that I stayed below my calories, but I kinda doubt it since I wasn’t counting. Whatever. Back on the boat. 2 “bad” days out of 30 isn’t bad!

In other dietary discipline news. I have been sober for over 90 days. Nearly 100 WOAHHHH WHAT THE FUCK?! Never thought this would happen. Very proud of myself.

In training news, my back off week was good, but my lower back is still KILLING ME. I’m taking this as a sign from God that I shouldn’t be training on a linear progression and I’m going back on the CUBE Method which was working for me before. I realize my programming ADD is out of control right now, but oh well. I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do to figure out what works and what doesn’t. My back seemed to bother me on the CUBE and I was making progress, so I’m going to go back to that. I just can’t deal with feeling like I’m going to get injured every time I get under the bar. ::sigh::

Hurt back aside though, my training was fun yesterday. I just fucked around and  finished off my back off week with some push presses (which I PR’d at 100#s) My arms are still stupidly weak, but it’s nice to know I can get 100#s over my head officially. Back to never doing that ever 😉




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