5 week update

Today begins the second half of my 10 week fat loss cycle. My plan thus far has been to decrease my calories and increase my conditioning work as well. I have been very successful in my calorie cutting ways — I’ve managed to stay below my goal of 1800 on non-lifting days and 2000 on lifting days every day except for 2 (when I only went over my a 150-200 calories).

Orange = Diet, Green = Lifting, Pink = Conditioning 

Conditioning on the other hand hasn’t been so easy. Likely, because of my lowered calorie intake, I am fucking exhausted by the end of my workouts and NOT feeling up to 20 minutes of conditioning. Plus my work schedule is totally nuts and I barely have time for lifting, let alone extended periods of time doing “some shit I don’t like”. I have managed to do at least 1 or 2 conditioning sessions a week, but very rarely have I hit the full three I had planned for (and honestly, only about 5 of these sessions were really what I would have liked them to be). I worked very hard for the first three weeks of my cycle, but the decrease in energy definitely took a toll on me. I totally burnt out and became very unfocused on my lifting by week four.  Because of this, I took a back-off week and re-evaluating my goals.

I came back last week  and did what I do best — lifted heavy (and ate well). I continued to track my calories, but I didn’t worry about the conditioning part of things. Honestly it felt great. All my lifts felt 1000x better and I wasn’t completely exhausted and foggy headed at work.


Moving Forward

That’s exactly what I want to do. Continue to eat at a deficit and lift heavy. Fuck the cardio. It makes me hate my life.

LanaFlexLana’s Lacking Luscious Lats
(but she is getting some front delts)

I’m going to drop calories a tiny bit more (1600 non-lifting days, 1800 lifting days) to make up for the fact that I am not going to specifically focus on conditioning and cardio anymore. It seems to kill my recovery, and honestly, I just don’t care about it enough to let it interfere with my lifting. If that means it takes an extra 10 weeks of calorie counting to drop these last 5-10 pounds… oh well. It is what it is.  I won’t be competing in a powerlifting meet until December, so I  have plenty of time to get into the next weight-class and find a way to be comfortable there.

As an aside: I am going to continue to train for the GORUCK challenge for the next couple weeks and plan to complete it on September 7th. I’m actually really looking forward to it. 


Oh yeah, the actual progress… I have no idea if I’ve actually lost weight or not. I started at 162 on my period. I ended at 159 on my period. I hit an all time low (sincle powerlifting) bodyweight of 153 in the middle of this. I’m pretty sure I’ve solidly lost 3-5 pounds, but my weight honestly fluctuates so much over the course of my menstrual cycle that it’s really hard to tell. I’m going to keep pushing, I expect that eventually my 10 pound weight range will get lower and lower if I keep working.


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