Labor Day Weekend with my fam!

My husband and I just got back from a long weekend in Maryland with my parents, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and family friends this morning. After a couple wonderful days of camping on the pine covered beaches the the Chesapeake Bay I’m definitely feeling refreshed and excited about starting this month off right in regard to my training and diet. All the fresh caught seafood and local grilled meat I have been enjoying has me more than happy with my decision to go back to being a crazy paleo person.

The whole gang — My mom, my sisters, my brother, his girlfriend, my husband and myself (in the green shoes)

Eating healthy, while surrounded by (incredibly bossy, albeit wonderful) family members, isn’t always easy. They LOVE LOVE LOVE to tell you why you are doing things wrong and how you could do them better. BUT, I survived with an 80-90% nutritional success rate! Also, I return to you totally sober (after some pretty seriously drunken family circumstances) PHEW!

While enjoying the outdoors typically has the potential to be very healthy — my family has a remarkable way of making that seem…. nearly impossible. Most of the time camping was spent eating and drinking … so there was an insane amount of willpower required to not eat junkfood, soda, and beer all weekend long. It was challenging, but I did fine. For as much junk as there was available, there was also a fair deal of fresh fruit, local produce, crabs and fish caught by my brother, and home made hamburger patties to enjoy.

I could write an entire blog post about my family’s terrible eating habits, but… who cares really? Not me. I love them either way and I had an amazing time with them. After YEARS of being healthier than most anyone else in my family, I’ve found that if I don’t open myself up to conversation about my diet, I can usually avoid it. Just say “no thanks” to the margarita and change the subject quickly!

Jeff enjoys a HUGE pulled pork sandwich (I enjoyed the pork & slaw, without the extra junk) 

Food Highlights of the trip included:

  • Maryland Blueclaw Crab (hard and soft shell) caught by my brother!
  • Delicious Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Fresh produce
  • Steamed local clams
  • My mom’s famous clam chowder
  • A funnel cake from the local town fair…. not paleo. Shhhhhh.

Today, I have been totally back on track and 100% awesome 🙂 Here’s an amazing picture of my dinner (and some meals to come). MMmmmmm grilled awesomeness for Labor Day!!!



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