First GORUCK Challenge

Oof! So yesterday was my first GORUCK challenge, and I am proud to say that I am officially “GORUCK Tough” (with a fancy patch to prove it) and a part of the GORUCK family 🙂 Not sure I even knew I was aiming for those things, or that I even realized that finishing the challenge was supposed to be that exciting or tough to achieve… but when my husband dropped out of the challenge 3 hours in and told me I had to finish it for him, I started feeling like maybe this was more than just another day in the gym. It was.

Goruck-lana2My new patch 🙂 

So, what is the GORUCK challenge? I’ll let a quote from their website answer that I guess, as it isn’t really simple to explain.

“The GORUCK Challenge is a team event, never a race. Think of it as a slice of Special Operations training where – from start to finish — a Special Operations Cadre challenges, teaches, and inspires your small team to do more than you ever thought possible. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded on missions spanning the best of your city. “

goruck-Lana3Jeff and I getting ready to begin

Anyway, the Challenge was easily the hardest 12 hours of my life, but as hard as it was, I was totally able to handle it. Which felt great. Feeling like I was completely capable of completing this incredibly demanding challenge made me feel really proud of how far I have come in my fitness levels over the past two years. Remember when I used to be a chubby nerd who couldn’t really do anything physical…. yeah… not so much anymore!

goruck-lanaOne of hundreds of push-ups completed throughout the night. 

I might write another post explaining more about what the challenge consisted of. I am too sore and tired to go into it today. But the short version is this: I carried 4 bricks, a gallon of water, two fire hoses, an american flag, a 1000lb log, and another woman on my back for 17 miles around NYC over the course of 12 hours (1am-1pm). I had 20 men roll over top of me. I did over 4 NYC blocks of bear crawls. Hundreds of push-ups including a couple dozen IN the washington square fountain. And worst of all…. I did some running.

It was HARD. 

But I made some great friends and had a wonderful time.

goruckThis photo is from another team, I didn’t go over the bridge. But an awesome picture none the less!

The morning after… dozen’s of bruises are coming in pretty nicely 😉


5 thoughts on “First GORUCK Challenge

  1. Lana is my daughter I am so proud of her fortitude and determination. she is a” beast”! I hope I never double cross her or I will be in some shit. what an awesome accomplishment Lana. you deserve to be proud of yourself.

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