more fatigue… more sucky lifting… more blehhhhh

::sigh:: another not so hot day in the gym. I’m still on my period and generally just feeling like I have NO energy for lifting heavy…I get all mentally prepped, psyche myself up, and have nothing in the tank when it comes time to move the weight. Very frustrating.

I had an EXTREMELY rough week at work this past week, pushing out a big deadline with my team and working very very very long hours. I imagine that hasn’t been helping my recovery or my energy levels (working until 12-2am every day usually doesn’t). Also, I have been eating very strict paleo for the past three weeks and I think the lowered carbs might also be playing a part in my lack of gusto. I am trying to get more paleo friendly carbs on my plate, but it requires a lot of planning as most places don’t offer a lot of sweet potatoes and yams as side dishes. Today I went outside of the rulebook and ate some extra beans at lunch, and a bowl of rice with my sashimi for dinner. Hopefully all this will help with recovery from today’s lifting session and get me feeling ready to get back on my horse by Monday. I’m sure this is just a little lul, but it’s very hard not to get disheartened and feel like all my hard work is doing nothing when you miss lifts you have made many many times in the past.

Anyway, I know I will be past this in a week or two it’s just annoying.

2 eggs in bacon fat


My fancy new bling bling back pack 🙂 

Squat: Worked up to 185 2×3 just to move a bit and feel better about the fact that I failed a squat on Wednesday.

Deadlift: Working on speed — 8 sets of 3 at 185#. These all felt fine. It was the first time I’ve deadlifted in probably a month.

Overhead Press: Worked up to a single at 75.

Push Press: Worked up to 4 sets of 4 at 85# These were very hard.

Front Squats: Worked up to a single at 155#

GHD sit ups: 20 reps

Chins:  5 jumping chins with negatives

Post Lifting Lunch:
2 giant bowls of chicken & black bean soup

1 bowl of rice
14 pieces sashimi
Some sort of amazing seared tuna and radish appetizer

P.S. 125 Days Sober today. That makes me happy, even if the rest of this week hasn’t been so great.


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