Powerlifting Meet Prep

Yesterday, I realized it was time to get more serious about my recovery habits and my training because I have a meet coming up in less than 10 weeks. So, today I sat down and wrote down some goals & programming for the next 10 weeks as I prepare for my next powerlifting meet.

I’ve decided that, while I have really enjoyed running the Cube Method, I feel like I need some sort of linear progression to stay focused. I feel like the 10 week cycle between seeing progress, and all the varied accessory movements is just more than I need right now. I’ve never felt like my body has been able to get into the groove of the Cube, and that I have a hard time focusing on goals because they feel so far away… I need weekly goals. I need inspiration to eat and sleep. Yes, the cube is super duper fun and I think it’s a fantastic program for general training. But my urge to fuck around is WAY too high on it. Just like my brain, it’s all over the place… and I kinda need a bit more structure to push into the realm of progress.

I have seen very good progress on Texas Method or other Linear progressions, but the large amount of volume has been too much for me in the past — Usually ending up in overtraining, or injury.

All that said, I’ve decided to dumb my programming down to the very basics – a simple split routine with a lot less volume than what I have done in the past and a weekly weight progression.

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.31.26 PMMonday – Squats & Lower body accessory work. (5 pounds every week — starting at a 3×3 moving toward a 1×3)
  • Wednesday – Bench and upper body accessory work. (2.5 pounds every week — starting at a 3×8 moving toward a 1×3)
  • Friday – Deadlift & Back accessory work. (5 pounds every week– starting at a 2×3 moving toward a 2×1)
  • Saturday – overhead press and power work. (2.5 pounds every week — starting at a 3×5 moving toward a 1×3)

Rep schemes are different for each lift based on what I know about myself, my body, and my recovery.  Generally, the weight goes up and the reps come down. But in the end of my meet prep cycle, I should be hitting my current 95% for multiple reps.

I really really loved the cube and thought it was super fun, but I feel like I need to challenge myself, focus on my recovery, and work on progressing toward goals every week.

Diet will continue with strict paleo, but now with a bit more attention to making sure I am eating enough calories, proteins, and carbs. Minimums of 2000 calories a day, 150grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs.

Sleep is an absolute minimum of 8 hours a night for the next 10 weeks.

I anticipate this cycle to be challenging, but I think if I focus on my recovery I can make it through and hit all these numbers. Time to get strong.

Goals for the meet:

Weight Class: I am not going to stress about my weight class. I am going to eat clean and train hard and I will be what I am. If I’m 148, great. If I’m 165 great. I have never cut weight before and I don’t plan to do it now. I’m just not at that level of competition yet… and honestly, I don’t really care to be. Perhaps if I weigh 150# 2 weeks before the meet I will cut some weight, but I doubt it.

Currently meet record: 105 Kilos (231 #)
Current gym record: 250 pounds

Goal for December meet: 115 Kilos (253 #)

Currently meet record: 45 Kilos (100 #)
Current gym record: 105 pounds

Goal for December meet: 50 Kilos (110#)

Currently meet record: 132.5 Kilos (292#)
Current gym record: 295 pounds

Goal for December meet: 137.5 Kilos (303#)


3 thoughts on “Powerlifting Meet Prep

  1. you are so strong-i’m seriously awe. I’m excited to see your progress with this-I’m just doing a squat cycle, but I need to find something that focuses on getting my pressing stronger. after the new year I plan on researching some more strength programs to implement with my Crossfit, because my box doesn’t particularly focus on strength and that’s one aspect of the sport I really struggle with.

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