What Do Women Wear to Meetings?

As I got dressed for a big meeting with the project architect and client today, I found myself freaking out about what to wear. I go to work every day, and I look nice, but I never give too much thought to my clothes. I’m super comfortable at my job and my boss probably doesn’t give a fuck what anyone wears. Plus, most of the time I’m not meeting with the ACTUAL building owner, only the design team (who are basically just my buds). Generally, I dress kinda fun and quirky (::ahem:: like a hipster ::ahem::). I felt a little weird being my normal “28 year old chick” self, representing my firm, in what I assumed (rightfully) would be a room full of 50 year old men talking about money.

I’ll bet you $50 there were no women operating that crane either

Stereotypes aside (…we will get back to them in a sec), I couldn’t figure out what to wear. A blazer made me feel too bossy (aaaaand we’re back to the stereotypes ;)). My sweater made me feel like an old lady (op, there’s another one). My ass is clearly too sexy for that skirt! Those heels were to high. The flats were too low. This shirt makes my cleavage protrude. That one makes me feel like I have no personality. AHH! WHAT THE FUCK DO WOMEN WEAR TO MEETINGS?!

In the end, I settled on my standard architect outfit… black, black and black — black button up shirt (which may not have been professional enough), some black/gray checked pants (which may have shown off my ass too much), and my basic black flats (which were probably too hipster to rock at this meeting…but oh well). As I stepped out of the apartment feeling very unsure about what the hell a 28 year old women was supposed to wear to a meeting like this, I decided I should take notice of what other women were wearing so that I could avoid this conundrum next time around.

When I got to the meeting, I looked around to figure out what women wear to meetings and I realized…. Ohhhhhh women don’t really go to meetings! It was sad. Out of 30+ people at the table, there were 5 women (including myself). LAME!

I definitely feel the urge to write a serious “fuck off america” article about this, but it’s late… and this is a powerlifting blog, so I won’t. But seriously. That shit was disappointing!


Perhaps they are trapped in their closets still trying to figure out what to wear.

Of the 5 women in the room (myself included) none wore anything even remotely similar to each-other. It was all personal style. The men on the other hand, looked like they had received a very strict dress code. It was so simple. So basic. Either khaki’s and a blue button up, or a suit (depending on stature). Nothing you would think more than 3 seconds about putting on in the morning.

In a way, I envy the simplicity of being a man. I would fucking love it if society would rid me of the 80318712398723 sub-stereotypes that emerge around my daily clothing choices! Just put me in a fucking jumpsuit so I can stop giving the world so much shit to judge me on.

Fuck it, next meeting… I’m wearing yoga pants (…and I’m not apologizing if my muscular legs are distracting to other people at the meeting)

-Lana Z.
Feminist. Architect. Powerlifter.


4 thoughts on “What Do Women Wear to Meetings?

  1. loved this! The nuances of being a woman in what appears to be another male-dominated field have got to be maddening. I hate meetings, and I hate wearing clothes to meetings.

  2. I need to dress “corporately” to work and its been a struggle since I’ve started in this position the last two years.
    Part of this is because I need to hide my arms 365 a year because of my tattoos. I describe my “office style” as 60 year old high-school art teacher who shops at H&M. It’s the closest I can come to being comfortable.

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