One Bench Presser, She Pressed Bench.

Today’s bench session was awesome! I was actually a giant bag of nerves about the reps I programmed for myself this week. I really wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to do it, but I was feeling confident when I wrote my programming so I stuck to my guns and I gave it a shot. Not only did I do it, I made all my lifts, and it was EASY! I really think the 100 push-ups program, and my work on chin-ups, is helping my bench. I am up to 20 push-ups (which is INSANE for me) and I can officially do a chin-up unassisted. I am super happy with it all.

PWO Plantains 🙂

Very happy with my bench session today. Hopefully this will continue for a little while 😉 Perhaps I can get my bench to progress past the “embarrassing for a small child” level. Maybe one day my dream of bench-pressing 135# (or shit… perhaps my bodyweight!) will come true! ::sigh:: only time will tell.

P.S. on this note. My lifting parter set a bench PR today that she has been working for for 9 years. FUCK YES WOMAN! Amazing. So proud and happy for her.

3 eggs, 1 cup kale, 1/2 a plantain, olive oil

Week 1 – Bench Press


Warmup – stretching, arm circles, etc. 



90#x8 (felt super easy)
90#x8 (even easier)
90#x8 (no sweat)

I know those numbers are super lame for a 150# lifter, but considering my 1RM is only 105# (where it has been trapped for A FUCKING YEAR!), I am pretty damn happy to hit 90 for 3 sets of 8. Feels like progress.

Close Grip Bench: 

3 sets of 8 @ 65# – these were a little wobbly. I will probably take this weight again, but perhaps for more reps next week.


45# GHD Sit Ups, 3 sets of 10.

1/2 a chicken breast, 1/2 a fried plantain.

Green Tea (trying to cut back on caffein to help with sleep). 1 banana

Sitting alone in the park, in a patch of grass under a tree, overlooking the manhattan skyline….. devouring a half of a rotisserie chicken and some roasted parsnips. Best. Lunch. Everrrrrr. #solitude

Green Tea. 1 apple. A small handful of almonds.

1 chicken breast. 2 cups (raw) sautéed kale. 1 cup baked sweet potatoes & apples with cinnamon (which, if you haven’t made this, you should. It’s amazing). Butter.


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