Deadlifts Feeling Much Less Heavy

It is absolutely amazing what a little rest and personal time away from the office will do for your training. Last week, I felt like I was never going to be able to deadlift more than 225# ever again, and today… 250# for a few sets of doubles was total cake. So weird.

It’s been really nice to keep such a detailed log of my training over the past year. I feel like I am gaining an incredible amount of understanding for how my body(and brain) works, and how different life decisions and situations effect my training every day. I feel more in touch with my body and my mind than I ever have and it’s a really amazing feeling. I suppose this is what logs are for, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would be SO effective and informative. I am learning so much about myself every day, and I love it.

Somewhat related, one of my favorite bloggers, Jenius, from Girls Can Lift shared this article with me after reading about my recent struggles with my work/life balance. I thought it was a really great article. It rings completely and totally true for me. I can feel my strength fall off every time I have a tough deadline at work. Very often this strength drop-off feels somewhat superficial… It’s like my body COULD pick up the weight, but my brain is like “Eh, fuck it Lana. Let’s just not do that today” and it’s VERY hard to push past. Every day last week was one of those days. I had to dig REALLY REALLY deep to move weights that are typically very easy for me. After I did them a few times, it got a little easier, but it was very hard to “wake up”. Some days, I simply couldn’t get past it and I didn’t finish my training.

As annoying as all that is, however, it’s good to notice it happening so that I can plan around it. Stressful times at work/school might be a good time for a back-off week. Otherwise, it might be a good time to practice developing mental toughness and the ability to push past a slow start. Learning how to tap into a deeper part of your physical self is something I am always encouraging to my lifters to try, and something that I believe you actually need to master to be a good lifter. The fact is, sometimes, deadlifts are hard… and you have to get physically upset, angry, and pumped full of adrenaline to move the fucking bar. Just because your muscles CAN do the work, doesn’t mean your brain is ready to let them. I often call this “Monster Mode”… and sometimes (like last week) it takes a little screaming and ammonia huffing help get there.

….and then sometimes… you just need to take a day off and get some sleep. Only you can be the judge of what kind of day it is 😉

Anyway… log.

Breakfast/Pre-Lifting: (no carbs in the house because I need groceries)
3 eggs
olive oil

Week 1 Deadlift


135# x 5 (double overhand – no belt)
185# x 3 (double overhand – no belt)
225# x 3 (switch grip – belt)

Work: (switch/belt)
Everything felt great. Typically, even though I do dead-stop deadlifts, the first rep is harder…. I don’t understand this. 
250# x 2
250# x 2
250# x 2

Deficit Deadlifts: (straps/belt/3″ deficit)
225# x 5

Pendlay Rows:
3 sets of 8 @ 95# – need to work on keeping my chest down, these were kinda heavy for me.

1/2 mile home from the gym. (I hated every second of this… but I did it anyway because I feel like my conditioning is still god awful)

3 eggs scrambled
1 breakfast sausage patty
1 apple

My new favorite – 1/2 a rotisserie chicken
1/4# sweet potatoes

Handfull of almonds

See image above. 
9 pieces sashimi
4 pieces Mackerel
8 pieces beef wrapped scallions
2/3 a can of beans… for carbs.


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