Accessory Day Fun

Today’s training session was fun, nothing too serious just light overhead press and some olympic lifting. I kept everything light and just had some fun. My legs were crying for some heavy squats, but I ignored them… they can wait until monday.

3 eggs & Sausage

Week 1 – Press/Oly

Overhead Press:

5 triples at 25 kilos

Clean & Jerk:
3 sets – 2 cleans and a jerk at 40 kilos. This was probably the 3rd time I’ve ever jerked in my life… I sucked at it. But it was fun 😉

Pull Ups: 3 sets of 5, first rep strict then small jumps to help get my chin over on later reps.

3 chicken thighs
1/2# brussel sprouts
1/2 cup sweet potatoes
Butter & olive oil

Dinner: TBD


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