Lana Montana

Heyoooo! I’m back after a hectic week of menstruating, working overtime, and resting 🙂 My back is feeling much better! I think a week off from heavy lifting was definitely the right choice. I’m still planning to keep the heavy squatting and deadlifting to an every once in a while type event for the time being, as I think I should continue to give my back some time off.

Me modeling my lucky holey shirt after today’s WOD (looking like a goof)

I  decided to do a couple CrossFit classes while I’m veering away from lifting heavy and I have to say… I have been having a blast!! I totally forgot how much fun CrossFit is and how much I used to LOVE it. Seriously, so fun. I did a fucking rope climb man… Woah. 

In other news — My husband and I are MOVING TO MONTANA!! We’ve been discussing getting out of the city for a long time now and we are finally in a position to do it. I get to keep my job and work remotely and he is doing the same! Operation “Hiking in the Rocky Mountains Every God Damned Weekend” is officially a go! I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life. This does mean I won’t be competing in the American Open as I was planning, but I was kind of getting to that decision anyway with my back being injured. Whatever, there will be plenty of other powerlifting meets in the future. The city we’re moving near has a CrossFit and a POWERLIFTING GYM! With other competitive powerlifters!

Pretty damn exciting. Really looking forward to becoming Lana Montana 😉

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m going to get back to posting more regularly again. I just had a lot of shit going on the past couple weeks. Hope ya’ll are kicking ass in the gym, doing well, and eating well lately too! Peace out!

… here’s my log.

Friday – Highbar Back Squats, Rope Climbs & Running

Highbar Back Squat: 135×5, 155×3, 185×3, 200×1, 210×1, 225×1 (pr!)
WOD: 3 rounds – rope climb & 200m run: 6:50 or something like that. Super happy I did all the rope climbs, it was the first time I’d done them and it was really fun and challenging.

Saturday – Elizabeth + Benchpressing

21, 15, 9 PowerCleans & Ring Dips: 11 minutes and something seconds.  Scaled down to 85# PowerCleans and used a band on my ring dips. Rx was 95# but I didn’t think I would get through the 21 at that weight. I was probably right. Anyway, super fun and a pretty nice ass kicking.

BenchPress: 3 sets of 5 @ 95#

Chin-ups: 5 sets of 3

I am sore today 😉

A Note on Diet

My fave – sweet potato & kale scrambled eggs

Diet has been, pretty good lately! I have been splurging a bit lately, but I don’t really feel bad about it at all and I feel like I’m keeping up with the eating with workouts and walks, so I am ok with the splurges here and there. Overall, everything has been very clean and I’ve been hitting a pretty solid 80%/20% strict paleo breakdown. I have been super happy with my sweet potatoe/kale/scramble every morning and my half a chicken at lunch!! SO GOOD!

P.S. My husband and I split a 42oz rib eye at a fancy restaurant last night. It was heaven.


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