Yummmyyy Sunday & Monday

Sunday 10/20

Sooooo much sourdough, so much goooooooddddd 🙂 Wonderful Sunday at home with my husband and all his delicious baked goods.


2 slices of Jeff’s home made bread
2 eggs
Japanese sweet potato home fries with cranberries (this ROCKED!!)


1 slice of Jeff’s bread with butter
2 bowls of butternut squash, chicken, & sausage stew.

Yum Yum Yummm!!!!

I made this soup today. It was very similar to this recipe except it had 2 butternut squashes and 3 italian sausages added to the recipe. It turned out awesome and some time I’ll have to write a recipe. But I’m sleepeh so ya’ll can use your imagination for now 🙂


2 of the best god damned sourdough pancakes ever!

Long walks, lots of stretching, and quite a bit of time snuggled up on the couch today. A solid Sunday all around.

Monday 10/21


3 eggs
2 cups kale
olive oil

Light Squat Day

3 sets of 8 @ 155 pounds.  Just came to the gym to move a bit. Just wanted some light work while I give my back some more rest.
Lots of stretching.
Lots of walking

1 latte
1 apple

NY Strip Steak
Mixed veggies

1 bowl of the soup above
1/2 of a pomegranate


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