Playing Around Pays Off

Because my back injury had been acting up, I recently decided to “take a break from powerlifting”. This hasn’t actually been a break, more just… a little time away from heavy lifting. After two weeks of avoiding heavy work, focusing on speed, working on technique, and trying to remember how to do double-unders — My body felt amazing! I wasn’t achy and tense all the time. My back didn’t hurt. I felt…. light…. and tall. It was weird — and great!! I will say however, the amount of pent up energy within me got a little overwhelming. I wanted to run instead of walk, I couldn’t WAIT for my CrossFit classes, I WANTED TO PICK UP HEAVY THINGS AGAIN!

Upon noticing that this is how I was feeling, I decided to cancel my CrossFit class on Saturday and do some heavy volume work instead. I FELT SO STRONG! It is absolutely amazing what a bit of time away from heavy work did for me. Never before has heavy volume felt so easy!

My eyes have definitely been opened to training with a bit more variation, speed, explosive power, and agility. Also, to giving myself a bit of time to recover. I know I need to do this more, but it’s hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes.

I am so happy with how great this workout felt that I think I am going to try this again. Planning to do a bench session tomorrow (since I haven’t done one in a while) and then, I will go back to doing some CrossFit/speed/technique work for a couple weeks. Then, once I feel like my head will explode if I don’t do some heavy lifting… I’ll hit a heavy day again.

I’m looking forward to see how this un-programmed programming goes.


I also got to hang out with my sister this weekend! Woo!!

Lifting Log for Saturday:

45# x 5
95# x 5
135# x 3
155# x 3
185# x 8
185# x 8
185# x 8
all of this felt insanely easy. I could feel the sets of 8 in my heart, but my muscles felt ready to kick ass the entire time.

135# x  5
185# x 3
225# x 1
250# x 5 (pr!) I probably had 7 or 8 here today. The most I have ever done 250# for is 2, I believe.

Deficit Deadlifts:
225# x 3 from 3 inches

a zillion singles over the course of a couple hours while coaching

Walking Lunges:
24kg – 10 steps each leg

My diet has been dog shit the past couple days. I had family in town and I just haven’t been that motivated to eat well. I’m sure my motivation will come back soon.

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