Wake Up!!

Sooooo…. my new “thing” right now … is sleeping RIGHT through the gym! It’s been happening at least once a week for the past few weeks. And I don’t mean… “oh, I think I’ll skip the gym today so I can sleep more” I mean “WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW DID I MISS THE GYM?! HOW AM I LATE FOR WORK?!! DIDN’T MY ALARM GO OFF?!”. It did. I turned it off. 5 times.

It’s been…. annoying, to say the least. I always make up the workout, but it’s kinda bumming me out because “never missing the gym” and “waking up early to lift” are two things that I really pride myself on. This simple act of dedication has always given me a very satisfying false sense of superiority and I feel sad to feel it slipping away.

Going to start getting to bed on time.

Baked Jersey Sweet Potato 🙂

Food Log:

Diet was good quality today, but the quantity was lacking. I definitely didn’t eat enough calories … but then again, I ate so much junk this weekend I could probably use the deficit.

Skipped breakfast because I was running super late ….. woops.

AM Snack:
1 Apple

1/2# Chicken Salad
1/4# roasted parsnips
1/4# sautee’d kale with garlic

3 eggs in olive oil
1 Jersey sweet potato with butter (so so so good!)

At home workout since I skipped the gym: 
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Air Squats
Band Pull Downs.

This was a fun little workout and was pretty effective at leaving me feeling “worked out”, without ever leaving my house 😉


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