Wall Walker

Fun day at the gym today. Lots of weird CrossFit shit as usual. Did some push-ups and some sit ups and some… walk walks! Owwyyyy, so much awkward shoulder shit. Anyway, pretty fun either way.

Enjoyed some beautiful fall weather this morning 🙂

Also had a very productive day at work! Weee!!

Oct 29 – Log


2 eggs
1 plantain
3 little sausage patties

CrossFit Class

Heart Racer:
Run around the block

3 rounds: 

    • 10 Good Mornings
    • 10 Sit Ups
    • 10 Push Ups
    • 10 Hollow Rocks
    • 10 second each leg samson stretch

Overhead Press — 3 sets of 5 @ 70#

6 Minute AMRAP – 3 rounds even

    • 3 Wall Walks
    • 8 Wall Balls
    • 12 KB Swings (up to ears)

Wall walks! #crossfit

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I’m in the back in the grey shirt… lookin like a jackass with a bendy spine. 

1/4# Chicken Salad
1/4# Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes

1 pint thai green curry with tofu and veggies
extra veggies

Snitching Stinky Cheese from my husband 🙂
1 tiny bowl of his home made beef stew. He’s such a chef!

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