…like Almond Butter & Sugar Free Blueberry Compote

Got my ass up on time today and went to kick some butt in the gym with my lifting partner 🙂  Since I’ve been away from focused lifting for a few weeks, it has been a while since we’ve lifted together. It was wonderful to see her though. It definitely makes me sad to be leaving her for Montana and I’m really going to miss having her around telling me to stop fucking around, and letting me know when it’s time to give myself some rest. I doubt I’ll find another lifting parter quite as awesome as her in the future — In addition to being a total fucking bad ass, she’s juuuuust about the perfect for me: same height, same weight, same strength, etc. It’s awesome. It makes for convenient bar loading, spotting, and passion for the other person’s numbers. It’s wonderful and I am definitely going to miss it.

Another power combo – Jeff and Roki

Anyway, it was great today and I got in some nice accessory work. Focused primarily on my lats, upper back, and conditioning. It was fun!


2 eggs
2 small pork sausage patties
2 cups kale
Coffee + Espresso shot + Cream

November 4 – Accessory Day

Squat: I just did these for a warm up and to run my recovering legs through the ROM.


Kroc Rows: OOoof … been a while. These felt good.

30#x15 each side
40#x8 each side
40#x8 each side
40#x8 each side

Face Pulls: Ooops forgot to look at the weight

unknown weight x8
unknown weight x8
unknown weight x8

T-Bar Rows: I’ve never done these before so I kept it very light and focused on form.

Bar x8

Lat Pull Downs: Old rickety torture device looking machine… which is WAY better than the cable machine if you ask me. I liked these a lot.

Empty Machine x 8

5 rounds — 10 box jumps (12-18 inches maybe) 10KB Swings (50#)

This was fun. But grip on the big fat wet seal of a kettle bell was tricky. Needs more chalk.

2 scoops whey
1 banana

Coffee w/ cream
1 Orange

1/2 a chicken
1/4# roasted sweet potatoes

Dinner: At a fancy italian restaurant with my love 🙂
Bread w/ olive oil & olives
Sautee’d string beans
Polenta with Wild Boar Ragu


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